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Distorted Sound from some CDs.

  Salamander7 16:33 01 Jan 2017

Just bought a new Pioneer A20 amplifier and now I am noticing distortion at certain moments on some CDs. For example the short guitar sound at the end of Nat King Cole's "Merry Christmas Everyone". Is this just a poor quality CD which is now more noticeable because of the new amp? Or is the new amp faulty? Any Ideas. The CD player is a Sony DVD player which is only two years old.

  wee eddie 17:42 01 Jan 2017

As this appears to happen when there is a single stringed instrument playing, it may be an indication that the cones of your speakers are becoming soft and possibly, losing their rigidity.

To test this, play a recording of a simple, unplugged and plucked, stringed instrument. Say a guitar, or harp, and gradually increase the volume. If the sound loses its crispness, your Cones have deteriorated, usually caused by playing louder than their designed capability.

It used to be possible to re-cone large (8", 10", 12" & 15") speakers but, with the cost of labour these days, it's probably cheaper to learn to live with it until you can afford to replace them as most commercially made speakers are in sealed cabinets

  Salamander7 17:55 01 Jan 2017

Thanks for the reply.The speakers are only three years old and not used all that much. The problem is not noticeable when playing MP3s. I will try to do the test you suggest. I was hoping it was the CD I have read somewhere there is an issue with "Loudness" on CDs.

  wee eddie 19:42 01 Jan 2017

MP3s are really low quality, they certainly do not really qualify as HiFi, so are unlikely to have sufficient aural definition to display anything like that. OK through Earbuds, inexpensive Speakers or cheap Cans but begin to show a certain haziness through a system of any gravity.

However CDs are a different beast altogether and because of what, I believe is called the high sampling rate, allow you to hear a much more accurate version of the recording. Much as I hate the idea, very much better than Vinyl.

Depending on the material of which you Speaker Cones are made, short periods of dampness can also cause the same problem

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