Disc verification after cd and dvd burning, should you trust it?

  theDarkness 20:22 19 Aug 2008

I have tried both nero and ashampoo burning programs, and in either, one out of ten discs after a burn would state the verification process as unsuccessful. The annoying thing is, if i click to reverify, the program often comes back with "verification successful", eg files identical to originals. Should i believe the disc to be alright if they read the second time, or not? Some websites state the verification to be often incorrect and to simply try again as i have done, but if it isnt always correct then why do they use it in their programs in the first place? I would be throwing out alot of discs that may well have burnt ok after all

  Jim_F 08:45 20 Aug 2008

It is not uncommon for a CD read to throw up errors on the fly - in normal use the drive will retry so it could be that the verify routine is more sensitive in this respect.

I have found that the many different types of media, speeds and drives themselves give different results as well as dust !

I'd suggest trying to copy the files on the CD back into a temp directory - if this works then you're reasonably safe.

  theDarkness 01:46 05 Sep 2008

yeah, i think youre right-if the disc can be stated as a good burn at any point, then it most likely is ok! Ill stay optimistic and take that view anyway. Lol. It seems that way anyway after some experimental burns, but Ill just have to hope that no faulty discs can ever have a good verification! If so then id imagine it would be either a fault with the disc drive or burning software. If the software or drive is really so sensitive, i just wish it would recheck a supposedly bad sector of a burnt disc, rather than stating straight away its having problems, refusing to continue. thanks

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