Disaster! - Mobile phone down toilet..!

  DANZIG 07:29 22 Oct 2008

You can probably guessed what happened from the title......

It happened yesterday morning. I did what I've read about on the 'net and instantly retrieved it, took the battery, sim card and memory card out and placed it all on some tissue paper in front of the fire.

All day I tried it at various intervals - but no joy. The battery, sim card and memory card all appeared to be OK as they all worked in my older phone, which thankfully, I still had hanging around somewhere.

Last night however, I tried it again and , joy of joys, it worked and it still is now.

My question is this - is it likely to continue working or is this a brief respite from the inevitable?

I would also like to add that the guy in the T-mobile shop that I went to see about it couldn't have been more helpful but the alleged 'insurance' company that 'covered' the phone were rubbish - heres a brief snippet of the conversation we had on the phone...

Her - "So you dropped it in the toilet this morning"

Me - "Yes, about 7 o'clock"

Her - "OK, so what were you doing at the time?"

Me - "Errrr, what do you think I was doing!?"

They had refused to help out by the way as apparently I hadn't taken enough care when using the phone....

  canarieslover 09:34 22 Oct 2008

The fact that it came back to life again is a good sign. My one didn't survive a washing machine cycle and my insurance was just as 'good' as yours when I tried to claim. Makes you wonder if it is worth having insurance on your mobile. With a bit of luck you managed to retrieve your phone before the water got everywhere so it stands a fair chance of achieving a reasonable life span. Hope it lasts until it comes up for renewal.

  Forum Editor 00:41 23 Oct 2008

into a bucket of flower water. I had the phone in my shirt pocket, and I leaned across a florist's display to indicate which flowers I wanted for my wife. The phone slid neatly from pocket to water bucket, and was out of sight amongst the flower stems in a flash.

I took it home, shook it vigorously, opened it up and removed the battery, dabbed the visible water off the inside, and left it all in the airing cupboard for a couple of days. Then I replaced the SIM and the battery - which I had charged in another phone and fired it up - it worked perfectly for the rest of its life with me. I hope yours does the same.

Mine was a Nokia, by the way.

  theDarkness 04:55 23 Oct 2008

tsk-they should definately have replaced it! Insurance is supposed to cover accidents, is it not? >:( i would have probably tried ringing them more than once, you never know, might get someone a little more sympathetic on the phone agreeing with you.. if not, then you have to wonder what the insurance would ever cover aside from a leaking battery.. freak lightning strikes mid text message perhaps.. Lol! :(

  birdface 09:57 23 Oct 2008

Sometimes it does not pay to be Honest.If you had lost it or it had fallen out of your pocket and smashed on the pavement you would have been covered.It is not the first phone that has fallen in the toilet and will not be the last,Nobody in their right mind would do it deliberately so it must be classed as an accident.And that is what you are insured for.Nice to see that you now have it working again.

  GroupFC 13:53 25 Oct 2008

Me, too!

I managed to dry it out in the airing cupboard over a couple of days, put it back together and hey presto!

In the meantime, I had purchased a new one. My 14 yo son (who, if I recall correctly, was 12 at the time) had been pestering us for a phone, so guess what! The phone is still going strong and certainly gets more use now than it ever did with me!

  DANZIG 00:44 26 Oct 2008

What I have found after this incident though is the battery runs down REALLY quickly.

The model is a Sony Ericsson w880, and the battery used to last for ages. Now, I'm lucky if it lasts 2 days.

  DANZIG 00:50 26 Oct 2008

have received a letter today from the 'insurance' people again stating that...

"After careful consideration" (less than 30 seconds) "we've had to decline your f******e claim because: You have not taken all reasonable precautions to prevent the incident"

"Please know that we value you as a customer" etc etc

The words 'salt' and 'wound' spring to mind

  birdface 14:02 26 Oct 2008

[You have not taken all reasonable precautions to prevent the incident] Well it looks as thought that they were admitting that it was an accident.And that is what you are supposed to be insured against.

  canarieslover 15:32 27 Oct 2008

Thought this might amuse you. Wonder if his insurance paid out. click here

  DANZIG 15:27 29 Oct 2008

Solved the battery running down really quickly issue as well.

Used the battery from my older phone, which I had thankfully kept for emergency use.

Apparently, according to a mate of mine at work, if a mobile phone battery gets wet this is what happens. Something to do with the way they charge allegedly.

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