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  PC Advisor. 12:31 15 Sep 2005

Today, everything is about connections. As people, we need to communicate, share our experiences, and access the world's information without barriers. And, we need to so it wirelessly, seamlessly, and without university degrees in technology.

Fortunately, the world is changing – and we're increasingly connecting our digital lives. If we want to share photos with our loved ones, be moved by music as we wander from room-to-room, or simply gaze at the fine detail offered by high-definition viewing, we can. Technology has evolved from being about computers – now everything is digital. What's more, devices are starting to talk to each other without the need for a clutter of wires or a mess of connections. Wireless technology means our digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, and television sets are able to help us share the content we hold dear. It's life-changing stuff.

And that's where Digital World comes in. We‘re here to show to the latest and greatest in digital entertainment and lifestyle technology – helping ensure you buy the right product and not waste your cash. We're also here to help to get the best from your investment, and to help you take advantage of everything on offer in our connected world. So, sit back, enjoy the issue, and please let me know how we can make it even better – just for you.

Best regards

Matthew Bath, Editor-in-chief

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  Kate B 16:23 15 Sep 2005

Hmm, I'm rather anti the fragmentation of forums. Another of my favourites has sub-boards for just about everything and I'd hoped that PCA would avoid this temptation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:25 15 Sep 2005

Agree totally

Getting so as not sure which forum to post in.

  Buachaill Mor 16:29 15 Sep 2005

The absolute beginners form being the perfect example of the above argument.

  PC Advisor. 16:30 15 Sep 2005

Hi Kate,

No danger of fragmentation. We're simply trying to address subjects that would normally sit outside typical PC Advisor territory.

Fear not. I see no reason to add further to the six forums on our homepage.

click here

  DieSse 18:13 15 Sep 2005

"The absolute beginners form being the perfect example of the above argument."

I'll second that

  justme 18:57 15 Sep 2005

Got to agree with the others about the splitting the forums up. It is getting more difficult to decide where to post a thread.

In the case of absolute beginners I see many threads started by people who are far from 'absolute beginners' but who seem to think that because they are branching out to a new part of the computing world that they are beginners.

I had expected the absolute beginners to be full of questions like 'My mouse is not working properly, how do I clean it' but it now seems to have been hijacked by others.

  Totally-braindead 20:20 15 Sep 2005

I'm with the others too, I've been seeing a lot of stuff being posted in the wrong Forum recently and I presume this is caused at least partly by people not knowing where to post. Personally I think its getting a bit confusing.

  Forum Editor 22:10 15 Sep 2005

of having too many different forum areas. As Kate B says, some other forums have lots of dedicated areas, and it does become quite confusing.

We think we have about the right number. The networking forum was the result of many requests from forum members, and since it started it's been pretty busy - mainly with questions about wireless networks. Likewise WebDesign - it sees a steady flow of website-related stuff, and I think it's easy enough to work out whether or not a thread should be posted there.

Speakers Corner was again started in response to many requests for an area that wasn't specifically for anything, just computer-related discussions. It's been very successful as well.

Our P2P forum was only designed to have a short life-cycle, after all, there's only so much you can say on one subject. That's closed now, and here we are with a brand new forum area that will deal with anything related to digital entertainment and lifestyle. We hope you like it - many of you have asked for a place that handles your questions and views on digital photos/MP3 tracks/phones etc., so here it is.

Give this a chance, and we'll see how it goes - it might be good to have a fresh forum to entertain and inform as we start the descent into Autumn and Winter. Cosy nights discussing the latest in digital technologies - what could be better?

  Forum Editor 22:21 15 Sep 2005

that Absolute beginners was an experiment. We've always had people who asked why there wasn't a place where complete newcomers to computing could ask basic questions without feeling intimidated. The Helproom is a hectic place at times, and although our members show enormous patience when dealing with elementary questions, there are occasions when irritation shows through.

We thought that many people were deterred from posting there because they were slightly nervous, and we hoped that a dedicated area would make those people feel less conspicuous.

It's a tricky thing - how do you define an absolute beginner? Some people think they are beginners when first they meet a new graphics application, althought they might feel quite at home with Windows. We aren't going to kick those people out of 'Absolute beginners' because they've stretched the definition slightly.

That forum area may turn out to be a failure in the end, and if it does I must take full responsibility - it was entirely my idea. Let's see how it goes for a few more months, and if it seems to be a waste of space we'll fold it.

  DieSse 23:07 15 Sep 2005

"Fear not. I see no reason to add further to the six forums on our homepage."

Ahem ..... there's seven forums - you missed one off the home page ;-))

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