Digital TV using installed digital tuner card

  Tiggy2 12:05 29 Nov 2005

I've just bought a spanking new PC with media centre, plus an analogue and a digital TV tuner card. The trouble is, I can only pick up freeview if I use our one and only freeview box. This is impractical, as the PC is upstairs and the tv is down. It's cumbersome with all the cables. Plus, it rather defeats the whole point of a digital tuner card!
I can receive a perfectly good analogue picture on the TV up here, but does the card in my PC need a 'better' signal it order to pick up all the digital channels? I can pick up everything downstairs, but nothing up here without the box! My ariel may need upgrading to a wide-band type - but are PC TV tuner cards so very different from a freeview box?

  DieSse 13:31 29 Nov 2005

"but are PC TV tuner cards so very different from a freeview box?"

Is it a digital terrestrial card, or a digital satellite card?

No they're not so very different, but as between different makes of freeview boxes, they may have different quality (ie less sensitive) tuners.

Analogue reception and digital reception is so different that you really can't compare them. You must have a wideband aerial (and wideband amplifiers and splitters where required) - your analogue aerial may be for totally the wrong frequency and, depending on where you live.

Are you giving it the same quality input signal when you compare one with the other? Every time you split the signal from the aerial, you reduce the signal power cconsiderably

  Tiggy2 14:02 29 Nov 2005

It's a digital terrestrial card. We don't have a wideband arial, although we receive all available freeview channels through our freeview box.
I guess what I'm asking is: does anyone know if a tuner card in a PC requires a stronger signal to pick up the freeview digital channels than a normal box?
I'm beginning to suspect that the PC card isn't working, but before I go and spend money on a new arial plus all the hassle, I want to make sure I've exhausted all other possibilities.

  DieSse 14:17 29 Nov 2005

I guess what I'm asking is: does anyone know if a tuner card in a PC requires a stronger signal to pick up the freeview digital channels than a normal box?

The probable answer is that some do and some don't.

It's a bit like asking "is a ford faster than a vauxhall" - some are some aren't - even though they're all cars!

However if you're getting ALL the channels on the Freeview box, and NONE on the PC - then the bset guess is that *summats up* with the PC card.

Just make sure that the aerial feed to your PC is just as good as that to the Freeview box.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:50 29 Nov 2005

Before you condem the TV card check the settings are correct before you scan for the channels

You must have country set correctly ie United kingdom .

  PaulB2005 18:28 29 Nov 2005

What is the make and model of the card?

  Tiggy2 18:49 29 Nov 2005

I know the settings are correct.
I have no idea what the make & model of the card is - as this PC is only days old, and 'straight-out-of-the-box', I don't consider it to be an issue. If I can't make it work, it's going back!

  Stuartli 09:31 06 Dec 2005

Have you installed the PC TV tuner's software and/or latest drivers?

You can find out the model of the tuner from Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information>Components>Sound Device.

  Stuartli 00:04 11 Dec 2005

Actually you could list the country as Italy and you would pick up all the UK Freeview TV and radio channels...:-)

It uses the same specifications.

Providing my TwinHan DTV-ter D+A card gets a signal strength of at least 70 per cent TV programmes are fine - it's a lower figure for radio stations.

There's also a signal quality indication but this is always at least 94 per cent.

  Tiggy2 20:57 12 Dec 2005

Thanks to everyone that's helped so far. The card is a Hauppauge WinTV-88X(I hope I've spelt that right). While the card itself hasn't been tested, I have checked to see that the drivers are up-to-date, and have confirmed that there is a dual-tuner (ie analogue and digital) card actually installed. We are now thinking of getting a proper arial person in to check the set up properly.

  Recha 14:47 01 Jan 2006


I think this would be the perfect platform to get a query of mine answered.Would really appreciate responses:-

I have recently purchased Hauppage Digital TV tuner card.And would like to subscribe to Sky.Is that possible?

The thing is that I do not have an aerial fitted in the house, I am renting at the moment. So cant get any freeviews.
My only alternative is a sky subsciption.

But I would like to know if by installing hauppage digital TV tuner card if I would be able to do that?

Hope my query would be answered.


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