Digital TV reception via interior aerial for PC???

  funkey_monkey 12:20 30 Mar 2006


I've got a digital TV Tuner connected to my computer in my bedroom.
I'm running a Dell Dimension 5150 with an AverMedia USB Tuner.
The packaged aerial (which does look a bit crap) is able to pick up about 25-30 stations, but for some reason is only able to broadcast to the screen BBC1. when I try to switch station the whole thing freezes and I hjave to turn it off.

Also, if I move about the image freezes and/or jitters.

I know that I need a better aerial, but as i will be getting an interior aerial for my room what should I be aiming for?
I really don't have space for a big clunky aerial.

I have checked and i should be able to get many digital stations in the area I am located.



  amonra 12:52 30 Mar 2006

Without an EXTERNAL aerial you are going to have problems. An internal aerial is prone to "ghosting" and wide variations in signal strength when anyone moves around the room.
Do yourself a favour and try to get an outside aerial.

  Stuartli 23:54 01 Apr 2006

You can buy amplified small indoor aerials which just might help. Some examples:

click here

  zant 19:24 02 Apr 2006

Don't waste your money on an amplified indoor antenna. A small outdoor device as high as possible, will always work better than an indoor job. Use the best coaxial cable from the antenna to your receiver that you can afford, and keep the cable run as short as possible. This will help to keep the signal attenuation low.

  oresome 20:26 02 Apr 2006

Assuming you already have a satisfactory main aerial for the house, the most cost effective solution will be split the aerial feed and take one connection to the bedroom.

This will reduce the signal to the main TV and if this prove to be a problem, an amplifier with two outputs instead of the passive splitter will restore the status quo.

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