Digital terrestrial TV via installed tuner cards

  BDagain 22:26 31 Jan 2006

I've just bought a Media-Centre PC with twin digital tuner cards but get the well-known picture stuttering or (more rarely) no picture at all - it's quite variable, sometimes just the occasional stutter on some channels, other times (as now) every few seconds and on all channels. I live on top of a hill in direct line of sight to the selected transmitter (Hannington) and can get great Freeview reception via a set top box even using the loop antenna on an old portable, so I can't believe poor signal strength is the problem. The PC manufacturer supplied a signal booster/splitter for the arial down lead and I've tried all sorts of gain settings on this to no benefit. Any suggestions gratefully received!

  amonra 16:04 01 Feb 2006

Digital TV reception is a nightmare !
A lot depends on the make of receiver and the chip installed. Some chips get their knickers in a twist for the slightest reason, others are very tolerant of errors. I live in a poor reception area and have tried quite a few receivers, some good some bad, cost doesn't seem to be a factor. In your case I would be inclined to check out any electrical apparatus in the house. Usually things like central heating system thermostats can cause havoc when they "arc" switching on and off. Same applies to fridges and freezers. Try switching things off for an hour to see if it makes any difference. Good luck.

  BDagain 13:29 04 Feb 2006

Thanks for the advice amonra. Interference from other electrical items is unlikely to be a problem here (or can't be got round!), as the only other powered kit anywhere near is the computer and peripherals (monitor/TV screen, speakers and powered arial splitter/booster, wireless router). Everything else is some way away through two and a half foot thick stone walls! I was advised to reinstall Windows, which made a very slight improvement, but most stations are still freezing momentarily every 10 secs or so. Is this an indication that the technology is not yet up to it? I'm inclined to see if I can return the PC and invest in a bunch of separates such as twin freeview boxes and a PVR. Am I giving in too soon?

  Minkey1 15:29 04 Feb 2006

I think so BDagain. The technology does work - but different kit/locations to a greater or lesser extent. My daughter at Uni uses a little AverTec freeview box via USB and even with the tiny portable aerial supplied is the most popular lass on her floor (to do with watching Freeview, I hasten to add).

Worth persevering with but can't offer any specific suggestions, sorry.


  Justjim 09:44 17 Feb 2006

Sky through my Tuner Card

Ive recently bought a new P.C with a T.V card which accepts analouge and Digital reception. I am a Sky subscriber with a sky box.
I have connected an R.F cable from the arial input at the rear of the box and the other end is connect to my Tuner Card.
I understand that the sky reception is in theory analouge and I do pick up a fait reception through my T.V card but it isn't perfect.
After speaking to Sky they say I need to change the R.F frequency to comply with my T.V card. I have tried this and get the same outcome, "snowy picture". Have I set it up correct?
I can recieve freeview and analouge T.V fine through my card but Im looking to use my P.C in a sky+ type set up

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jim

  Rigga 11:07 17 Feb 2006


You should really start another thread on this..

But anyway, On the back of the Skybox there should be an aerial In, an RF Out1, and an RF Out2.

The feed from your domestic aerial, goes in the aerial in. This is not strictly req'd, but is used for pass through of the domestic analogue stations.

The RF out1, and RF out2. are the sockets that you connect to your tv / tuner card.

You say you are using the "aerial input at the rear of the box", so I think you are using the wrong socket on your Sky box to connect to your tuner card.


  Justjim 11:21 17 Feb 2006

Thanks I think your right!
I think i will need different wiring also because I am using a spare one that I had for my old tele which I believe doesn't comply with satellite signals

Cheers for your advice

  ArthurP 20:29 27 Feb 2006

I have been looking for a thread regarding this for some time. I also have my sky box connected to my TV card (Hauppauge TVR-1100) via an RF cable from the RF-out2 socket of the sky box to the aerial in socket of the TV card. I cannot get a crystal clear picture as I was hoping for (I don't know much about this sort of thing, or whether a crystal clear picture is possible). It is very watchable, but somewhat grainy with some 'tearing'. I have Sky+ and this is my secondary sky box running directly from the sky dish. Is there a better way of connecting these together or any better quality cables that may help? I have a scart-to-S-video adapter. Would this work any better connected to the S-video input of the TV card. Many thanks for any suggestions.

  Stuartli 14:27 07 Mar 2006

You probably need a PCI TV satellite card rather than DTB on the lines of:

click here

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