Digital Switchover

  morddwyd 08:33 22 Jul 2010

I know there are other threads touching on this, but I don't want to hi-jack somebody else's.

I thought the analogue switch off was supposed to allow the digital transmitters to increase their power, but when my local analogue switched off the digital signal dropped right off too, now about strength 4 when before it was at the max of ten (these are tv set up figures so are just comparative).

It's now almost unwatchable, despite half a dozen re-tunes (on two different sets).

  ^wave^ 08:44 22 Jul 2010

has your ariel moved or does it need repositioning or has something sprung up blocking the signil
do you have low signil strengh on all channels or just a few

  morddwyd 19:46 22 Jul 2010

Too much of a coincidence that my aerial would have mysteriously moved at exactly the same time as the analogue signal was switched off, and there's nothing in the way of the signal.

I can receive two transmitters, and it's only the one that is now broadcasting digital only which has suddenly become weak.

  dms_05 22:01 22 Jul 2010

DSO isn't final until the last transmitter stops analogue transmissions. Until that time some of the digital multiplexes are on reduced power so they don't interfere with adjacent transmitters still broadcasting analogue. Like you we still have some at reduced power even though we were DSO'd last year. So I'm afriad it's a wait for another couple of years until all the digital multiplexes are at full power on the day the last analogue signal is finally extinguished. click here for more information on whats happening and when - you need to enter your transmitter.

  morddwyd 07:13 23 Jul 2010

Thank you

  mole44 13:07 23 Jul 2010

It could be your aerial as digital needs a different group aerial to what you may have.From memory i think digital use a wide band aerial.I suggest you get a decent local aerial guy to look at your set up and go from there.

  morddwyd 15:06 23 Jul 2010

Why should the switch off of the analogue signal render my aerial, which has been receiving good digital signals for several years, suddenly incapable of doing so any longer?

  dms_05 08:30 24 Jul 2010

Just a thought. Are you receiving from a local relay rather than a main transmitter? The reason is after DSO many/most local relays are only transmitting a small subset of the channels available from the main transmitter it is paired with. These channels vary depending upon where you are located (ie in Wales you are likely to have their local channels but obviously you wouldn't have those in Norfolk!).

  morddwyd 15:49 24 Jul 2010

Good thought.

I was already on the fringe of a local relay, I use a masthead amp to get a good signal (though once processed it is a very good, strength/quality always 9 or 10).

Maybe the recent changes have been just enough to tip it into unwatchable.

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