digital radio in cars

  [DELETED] 04:03 13 Feb 2008

Hi all....long time,
Here's a question I cannot seem to find the answer to...when the digital changeover occurs (ie. for us 2011) does it only apply to television channels, or is it radio as well? If it is for radio will everyone need to have a digital tuner in their car? (funny the questions you think of when you're working

  [DELETED] 04:31 13 Feb 2008

shut up you nob

  [DELETED] 04:47 13 Feb 2008

oooopppsss....sorry about that, didn't log off, and some "superstar" here (who can't spell) thought he was funny!

  [DELETED] 09:26 13 Feb 2008

To answer your first question - the digital switch over is TV only at the moment.

Radio will continue on FM for some time as there seems to be debate over which digital audio service will win out, DAB or DAB Plus, then again we could switch over to satellite radio like in the US.

I hope DAB doesn't die any time soon as I have 3 DAB radios in the house and I like BBC 6

  laurie53 10:46 13 Feb 2008

I like "theJazz" but that's about to go!

"Oneword" is also worth a listen.

  amonra 14:41 13 Feb 2008

I thought they had killed off Oneword ?
I haven't logged on lately so I'm in the dark, but I'm sure I read recently that some of the digital progs were going to be axed "for the benefit of listeners " !!!

  [DELETED] 16:38 13 Feb 2008

Thankyou all.....I'll tick this resolved.

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