digital picture frame. Texet DPF-710U

  lorraineRF 20:26 09 Dec 2008

Texet DPF-710U. Digital picture frame.
Can anyone help me with 'my' problem please.
I have just loaded my pics onto the frame (sizing them to 480) and the colours on some are really distorted. Some people look quite jaundiced with black edged lips!! Am I doing something wrong or, if I re-size the pics to another size could that fix it? The manual is next to useless!!
It is a cheap frame however(£29.99-Asda)could be the reason ie get what you pay for??



  MCE2K5 03:59 10 Dec 2008

Have you tried loading your photo's onto the Digital Picture Frame without re-sizing them.

From what I found out about that DPF is, that the Colour is Factory set (ie. Not adjustable), But you can adjust Brightness & Contrast, Try adjusting those to see if it makes a difference.

  lorraineRF 21:24 10 Dec 2008

Yes, I did. I was loading them onto a memory stick from Picassa (which holds all of my photo's on my PC) The problem with leaving them the same size as original is that, because they are large files, it seems to be affecting the speed of which the DPF changes the picture view! Mmmm

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