Digital Only TV

  laurie53 07:50 28 Jul 2009

I am looking to buy a new TV and since our analogue system is going to be switched off in the next few months I see little point in paying for a tuner that will never be used.

Are there any "digital only" televisions available yet?

Tried a couple of Google searches without success.

  ^wave^ 09:01 28 Jul 2009

there are sets with digital freeview built in them

  oresome 21:06 28 Jul 2009

I doubt any manufacturer would want to restrict the market for his product in this way and producing two models would cost more than it saves in materials.

HD transmissions aren't far off. You might consider waiting until HD decoders come built in as standard...........otherwise it's another STB.

  Stuartli 22:48 28 Jul 2009

Analogue tuners will probably still be fitted to the majority of sets for a time to cater for those buyers, for instance, who are still using VCRs.

>>there are sets with digital freeview built in them>>

Any integrated digital TV has a Freeview tuner and at least two manufacturers, Panasonic and LG, also feature a Freesat tuner.

Integrated digital TVs have been available for several years.

  laurie53 08:27 29 Jul 2009

Thanks for the responses.

I know about integrated Freeview, of course, the set I'm replacing has Freeview.

I just thought it a bit pointless to buy a feature which I'll never use (though having said that, with a Sky box I probably won't be using the Freeview either!), but, as pointed out, it's probably down to the economics of manufacturing.

  Stuartli 10:02 29 Jul 2009

I would suggest that the idea is to maximise the potential sales rather than concentrate on what would be a niche market.

  laurie53 21:32 29 Jul 2009

Hardly a niche market.

In a few years it will be the only market!

  Stuartli 22:39 29 Jul 2009

Producing TVs that include an analogue tuner?

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