Digital cameras and memory cards

  Serenity60 10:33 23 Jun 2006

I'm looking to buy a digital camera, can't afford more than £100 absolute max, and preferably less. I'm going t Italy for 10 days and plan to take loads of photos, so I wondered, what sort of size memory card is reasonable? Is it worth buying an extra one?

I want to be able to get some of my photos printed out at somewhere like Jessops, as proper pictures - do I need a special kid of card for that?

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty clueless about this, so any advice, very gratefully received.

  silverous 10:45 23 Jun 2006

To find cameras in this kind of price range try the below link to pricerunner:

click here

I tend to prefer Canon but that is personal choice. A lot of the cameras around that price seem to be 4 megapixels or less. For most home use that should be sufficient.

I would personally go into your local jessops and have a chat with them. Don't buy there and then because you might find a £120 camera in Jessops is £100 on an online retailer via the pricerunner website and in my experience Jessops will almost always match prices (unless they are overseas or something).

The following gives a guideline:

click here

So for example if you go for a 4 megapixel camera you can get 256 shots on a 512MB card at high resolution. (Approximately). Use this is a guide, you can always buy more later.

Hope this helps.

  Arnie 13:29 23 Jun 2006

"Jessops will almost always match prices (unless they are overseas or something)".

Recently I visited my local Jessops store to price match a Canon PowerShot A610 digital camera.

The manager told me that Jessops had stopped price matching because their prices were low anyway.
However, he agreed to ring head office to see if they would match the fairly local Luton Savastore price of around £158 inc. delivery.
He said he was sorry, but they would not reduce the Jessops store price. It was then around £179.

At the time I asked what part exchange would they give me for my fairly new Canon A400 Digital camera.
I was told Jessops have stopped part exchanges on used cameras.

Looking back it was to my advantage. I have just bought the A610 from Argos for £139.49 on a special offer. It looks like I won’t be carrying out much business with Jessops in the near future.

  silverous 14:49 23 Jun 2006

..I had a hunch they might've changed, but wasn't sure. Still worth going in there to try out some cameras to see which you prefer and they get a lot of 'which camera should I buy' questions and are usually quite good. If they can't match it then nothing lost.

  DieSse 15:46 23 Jun 2006

Just as important to remember is spare batteries and a battery charger (which will work overseas!). In my experience this is more of a problem than picture storage space.

  wee eddie 16:50 23 Jun 2006

If you get a 512MB card and edit your collection at the end of each day, deleting those that do not please you, you should have quite sufficient space.

The worst that can happen is that you have to buy an extra card while you are there.

  hssutton 19:07 23 Jun 2006

As most of the cheaper digicams use AAs, battery power should not present any problem, as for memory that's anyones guess, I was in Rome for the weekend and used in excess of 2 Gb of memory, but not suggesting that Serenity60 will go through that amount.

As a guide 512 MB at super Fine res will allow approx 243 images whereas will allow 435 images. These figures are for a 4 Mp camera such as the Canon PowerShot A430

  Arnie 19:10 23 Jun 2006

"Just as important to remember is spare batteries and a battery charger".

Quite true.
I always take my battery charger and NiMH batteries abroad with me.

Although My wife and I only holiday in Europe in fairly large hotels, so special mains adapters are not normally required. They have always been standard UK ring main 13A sockets.

I also take 2 memory cards, camera lead and scart interface adapter. This allows me to see my pictures in more detail and edit them on the hotel room's TV. All the supplied TVs nowadays seem to have at least one scart input, even on 33cm portables. Failing that, RCA video and audio inputs.

  GaT7 15:00 25 Jun 2006

"I want to be able to get some of my photos printed out at somewhere like Jessops, as proper pictures..."

Ideally for best results, you'll want to edit/crop/etc them first using a good photo editor (like Paint Shop Pro).

Then upload your pictures to an online service (Broadband highly recommended) to get them printed out. Doing it this way can also be cheaper than the high street, & many of these online services offer free pictures to begin with - you only have to pay postage - & NO commitment thereafter. I've used a few & they've been excellent.

Here are some online services offering several free pics at the moment:

* Photobox (thro' Amazon) click here
* Photodeal (thro' Panasonic) click here
* Photobox click here
* Pixum click here
* Snapfish click here
* PictureLizard click here
* Photodeal click here
* Jessops click here
* KodakGallery click here
* Asda click here
* Boots click here
* Prints2U click here
* Fotoview click here

Note about these free offers: Many, if not all, are for 1st time customers only. Some offers have an expiration date, like 30 days after registration. They are limited to sizes of 6x4 or 7x5, but you can include enlargements in your order at extra cost. If you play your cards right, you can get 200+ free photos (excl postage). G

  Arnie 19:57 25 Jun 2006

all good stuff, but 99% of my photos are stored on disc. The rest I print myself.

I use Paint Shop Pro 7, it is an excellent photo editor. I am happy with v.7 with updates, it does all I require.

  dagbladet 21:34 25 Jun 2006

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