Digital Camera Repair- have you had one?

  jack 13:59 13 May 2007

I am simply collecting information on the repairability of this new must have.
If you have had an out of warranty repair carried out would please post the detail- here.

  oresome 17:30 13 May 2007

I've not had one repaired, but have been waiting behind customers in Jessops enquiring about a repair.

The assistant has advised that the starting price is around £70 and could be much more depending on what was required and there's still a fee even if you decline the estimate.

My view with consumer goods is that anything with a price tag less than £200 is probably not worth repairing professionally.

No problem if you've taken out an extended warranty of course, but I never do and have not often regretted it.

  anchor 12:35 18 May 2007

I agree with oresome. Repair costs are so high of digi cameras that, unless the item is a very expensive one, it probably is not worth while paying for a repair.

A reasonable digital camera can be bought for not that much more.

  anchor 12:39 18 May 2007

For example:

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W35

click here

  Danoh 23:17 18 May 2007

Spring'06 I got a quote for servicing my well-used Canon Powershot s40 of £160 and more if parts needed replacing (a couple of dail-settings weren't registering and couple of buttons' positions weren't registering consistently.
Plus it had to be couriered (more cost) and will take 3 - 4 wks, or longer dependent on which parts were required.
There were only a handful of Canon service/repair centres in the whole of the UK.

As it would be cutting it fine before a once-in-a-lifetime summer vacation to China, I decided not to go ahead.
On stop-over in Malaysia, I noticed two tiny screws had gone missing. When the metal band around the side of the camera sprung up in my face, I could not ignore the fact that 4 more tiny screws had gone AWOL.
In a mild state of panic, I finally found the appropriate Canon centre on Penang Island. The service engineer asked if I could leave the camera with him while I do some shopping or whatever, and he will check it out immediately.

On my return, he had secured the band but as they were not the correct screws, it had to be unofficial - he'd also conferred with a colleague in Kuala Lumpur where they had the appropriate testing kit and came up with a very good estimation of 5 to 10 working days for a full service including replacement of any parts required.
As I did not have enough time before my China trip, I bought another digital camera to be on the safe side.

On my return from China, my camera was returned in 8 working days from Kuala Lumpur, no parts charged for as a good cleaning and servicing sorted out all malfunctions. Even though they replaced 6 screws (M$ 15 each!)

And the full servicing and testing charge for the repair warranty? M$ 180, roughly GBP 26. No courier charges either.

A bit much to fly over to Malaysia for a repair, but I suppose you could get a wonderful holiday experience thrown in...

  jack 08:12 19 May 2007

Thank you for that Danoh
I am keep this one open- the more experiences the better
I am sure my thoughts match those of those who have put inso far.
That cameras[cheaper ones any way] spec's change so fast they come into the category of toasters and kettles and small data readers of all sorts- no user serviceable parts - service by replacement.
Such parts that may be available I imagine are those culled from dead gear.

  Icky 10:59 19 May 2007

I don't know if this will help but the will give you a quote.
click here

  anchor 11:25 19 May 2007

A new one for £86

click here

  jack 08:30 09 Aug 2007

Just refreshing this one
Any new experiences to report?

  laurie53 08:36 09 Aug 2007

I've broken two (dropped them).

In each case my insurance company and I both agreed that it was not worth repairing them (and they did not increase my premium either!).

They're so cheap, and still dropping, that it really isn't worth it.

  Pamy 16:41 09 Aug 2007

laurie53, so what did you get from your insurance co.? Just interested in outcome

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