Digital Camera Brand names

  atky7 22:07 13 Jun 2007

Going to states soon and will be looking to buy Digital SLR. I have been told that the names of certain cameras differ in the states from the UK. any advice?

  ventanas 22:12 13 Jun 2007

Yep, examples are the Canon EOS350 and 400. These are called Digital Rebel in the States.
click here This should list all you need to know.

  ArrGee 23:03 14 Jun 2007

A tiny deal from Nikon here:

click here

  ^wave^ 08:23 15 Jun 2007

yes you can pick up very good deals in the states but at the moment you can pick up very good deals here to, plus fact of that is the warrenty. you can also check your prices on line before you go, then look in the duty free shop, yes it is still duty free if you go to the states, so again good savings and you get your warrenty to. it pays to shop around good hunting

  Paulkay 23:04 29 Dec 2007

For excellent digital camera prices I recommend visting click here

  Kemistri 00:25 30 Dec 2007

Depending upon which state you are visiting (be aware of local sales tax rates) your best approach might be to get a mail order delivery to your hotel. Quite a few US sellers will do this, such as B+H apparently. click here and scroll down to the posts by Sean LA and Elan Remford. Even if you just pop into a store and get a good price, it will still beat the pants off anything that you'll pay in the UK right now.

  Stuartli 00:28 30 Dec 2007

You can order goods at the Duty Free shops in the UK and collect them on your return.

  hssutton 14:30 30 Dec 2007

I asked my son to call in at B&H in New York just prior to Christmas and check on the Canon 5D This would have cost £1100, but with no UK warranty. To buy in this country £1314 inc cashback from Canon.

Told him not to bother, £200 difference and no warranty, IMO just not worth it.

  Kemistri 15:48 30 Dec 2007

"...just not worth it." Joking, right? £200 is a lot of money and I would rather have that than a warranty.

  hzhzhzhz 16:09 30 Dec 2007

"£200 difference and no warranty, IMO just not worth it."

I agree.

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