Digital Camera Batteries

  premier man 15:08 01 Feb 2006

Can anyone explain why Digital Camera Manufactures cannot fit a long life battery, say 5 years, the same as is in a watch,
Is it because they do not want to ???
In this technical age you would have thought they would have improved on having to recharge batteries every few days,it is very annoying.
maybe they do!! and I am talking out of my head

  SG Atlantis® 15:36 01 Feb 2006

depends on your usage on when batteries will die.

People seem to use the screen on cameras to take pictures when they shouldn't. It's a major drain on power is one reason...

It's recommended to use batteries with over 2000mAH aswell.

For cameras, as well as some other devices, I prefer that they don't have built in batteries from the manufacturer.

  amonra 15:54 01 Feb 2006

A digital watch consumes microamps, thus a small battery will last for years. Digital cameras can use up to 2 Amps peak power, got to have a hefty battery to cope. As SG Atlantis has said, use re-chargeables with at least 2 AH capacity. My 2300 ones last for hundreds of shots whilst in use, but self discharge quite rapidly when the camera is not in use.

  oresome 19:13 01 Feb 2006

It seems a fact of life that any battery operated device will have a flat battey when you actually come to use it.

The probability of a flat battery seems to be in inverse proportion to the amount of use it gets.

  smurfling 11:22 02 Feb 2006

Must agree, been caught out numerous times.

  premier man 11:41 02 Feb 2006

Thanks for your imfo,but I still think they could improve on it

  Carbonara 11:56 02 Feb 2006

No doubt a munufacturer who wanted to make a camera with a long life battery could do so, it might be the size of 19" TFT monitor, won't last for 5 years, but hey if that's what you want.

  premier man 12:13 02 Feb 2006

ok take your point thanks

  Diemmess 13:56 02 Feb 2006

It is worth keeping a duplicate set in a camera case if you use one.
At worst you then set out with a flat set in the camera and a nearly flat but useable set in the case.

I use the firm below whenever one of many things needs replacement batteries. It is a local call for me but the staff are very helpful and overnight delivery is my experience

click here

  premier man 17:07 02 Feb 2006

thanks have taken note of website

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