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  Gazzaa 15:36 16 Jul 2006

Hi all,

I have been looking for a Canon MVX330I Digital Camcorder, which has scored top for the last 6 months or so in PC Advisor! However I can't find one and Canon have archived it on their website, anyone know why? Its still No.1 in August issue of PC Advisor.
My next choice is a Sony DCRH44E or similar!?!

Anybody any views on whether to buy Canon or Sony????

Thanks for any help/advice.


  Jimmy14 17:49 16 Jul 2006

If it has been rated top in Pc Advisor for 6 months then I anticipate it is very good quality and a good buy so you should go with it.

Here is a review from CNET which it scored overall 7/10 click here

Also PC PRO click here

  GroupFC 15:47 17 Jul 2006

It is possible that it is to be/or has been succeeded by a subsequent model, notwithstanding the fact that it is in the August PCA review. As I am sure you will appreciate, there is lead-time for production of a magazine, and so reviews may not always be completely up to date!

Have you asked Canon (who I have always found to be extemely helpful)?

  Sibbo 16:12 22 Jul 2006

Try here click here

  Sibbo 16:19 22 Jul 2006

Or here click here

You may be lucky at those two places because it does not say that it is out of stock as far as I can see. On the other hand, some other sites do say that it is discontinued.

  anchor 16:55 22 Jul 2006

The second suggested source from Sibbo, (World of Baccarat), is based in Luxembourg. I would suggest you consider most carefully before buying from outside the UK. In contrast Park Cameras are based in West Sussex.

As it does seem that the model may be discontinued, do as GroupFC suggests, have a word with Canon. Ask what model in their current range is the nearest equivalent. You can then research the reviews for that.

  Gazzaa 20:34 23 Jul 2006

Thanks to all, for you help! Been doing a bit of hunting around and it seems the MVX350 is the next best thing - Will talk to Canon as suggested though.

Thanks again.

Best regards


  woodchip 20:45 24 Jul 2006
  woodchip 20:45 24 Jul 2006

They have 2 only

  Sibbo 19:11 26 Jul 2006

OOPS!!! Sorry, I didn't realise that the company was from Luxembourg. I just had a lengthy search on the Internet and came up with those two places. I agree with anchor, stick with the home based company.

  paddy75 22:12 26 Jul 2006

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