digital 28mm wide-angle lens camera - point & shoo

  amyfleur 15:18 22 Aug 2008

I want to buy a digital 28mm wide-angle lens camera - point and shoot pref.

I saw an advert on tv some time back where it showed a long bridge being photographed in one shot.

I cannot remember the product. Anyone know what it might be? Thanks.

  ICF 20:05 22 Aug 2008

Have a look here click here

  Stuartli 00:12 23 Aug 2008

A digital camera's "28mm wide angle" lens will be somewhat different to a film camera's equivalent.

You will need to ensure that any such lens is the "equivalent" of whatever focal length film camera lens you require.

  anchor 16:09 23 Aug 2008

Consider the Panasonic DMC-TZ5

click here


click here

  amyfleur 11:50 24 Aug 2008

Thanks for that ICF, it's a terrific ad, just a pity I've got a poor memory.

I like Panasonic stuff, have a tv & dvd recorder & microwave so I should have remembered the name!

  Ventad 16:48 24 Aug 2008

Have a look at ricoh R7 or R8 can do point and shoot and a bit more

  john bunyan 19:46 24 Aug 2008

Also the Panasonic F35 is small and good.

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