Digi-photo upload into calendar listing format

  Mr. Chips 10:23 13 Aug 2006

Hi there,
What I am looking for is a free download program which will upload photos from my Nikkon Coolpix 3100 camera, into my PC so that the photos go into a calendar that lists the photos on the day they were taken.
So for instance, all photos for the 6th August 2006 will be lumped together and those for the 7th August separately.
Does this make sense?
My wife's Olympus camera software does this beautifully but will not work on the Nikkon.

Any ideas please?

  LAP 15:01 13 Aug 2006

The software 'Nikon View' states:

1. Automatically launches when you connect your camera to your computer. Simply press the yellow button and watch your images copy onto your computer.

IF no one comes up with a 'free download program' why don't you 'copy onto your computer' to a new folder DATED accordingly.

  cycoze 16:17 13 Aug 2006

"Nikon View" has been superceeded by "Picture Project", both should work with your camera though, both are available from Nikon Support/cutomer help click here

or click here if the first doesent work.

You will need to sign up for an account to get to the downloads, have you checked your Nikon software cd to check that there isnt one of these programs hidden away on it?

  Mr. Chips 18:31 13 Aug 2006

Thanks for your reesponses
I agreee that I could set up my own folders, but I was hoping to have all the 'dirty' work done for me in an integrated package.... so I am still hoping for one to turn up.
Being a bit daft, I couln't find a copy of Picture Project on their site.
I did get an updated version of Nikon view from my vs 6.1 to version 6.2.7, but as it wasn't a major upgrade the leap in functionality I am looking for still isn't avaialable.

So I am still hoping for the ideal free application to turn up.
It is really a shame that Olypus have 'keyed' their application to their kit.

Any one else got any ideas please.

(Thanks LAP and CYCOSE for your time and assistance. It is most appreciated.

  hssutton 18:53 13 Aug 2006

Have a look at picassa click here

  Mr. Chips 18:58 13 Aug 2006

Thanks hssutton.
I did get into Picassa before I came onto the forum, and it is a really nice piece of software for displaying digi-photos that are already on the PC.
It doesn't quite have the calendar aspect that Olympus has. Perhaps I am asking too much.... but I anm still hopeful that someone has a solution for me.

  hssutton 20:55 13 Aug 2006

Maybe i'm misunderstanding what you require. Picassa does have a calender which lists the images taken on any specific date, Picassa call this the "Timeline"

Picassa will also import direct from your camera or cardreader and place the images in the timeline at the correct date.

It's quite a few years since I had any dealings with Camedia (Oly software) so no longer conversant with it.

I catalogue my many images using the method that Lap suggested, as I find this the easiest method, but at the moment I'm trialling Adobes "Lightroom Beta" program as this works seamlessly with Photoshop CS2. Albeit very slowly. Hopefully it will be much quicker in it's final release.

  Mr. Chips 10:32 14 Aug 2006


When I looked at Picassa, I saw the timeline but it would only work with a full month's photos for me. My wife keeps a diary of our whereabouts on a daily basis,and having the day of the month is a great boon when looking for specific photos.

I will look at Picassa again to see if there are enhanced options available which will extend it to days of the month.

Thank you for your assistance, it is much appreciated.

  hssutton 12:18 14 Aug 2006

Yes you are quite correct it list "shoots" by month not days.

If you want to catalogue by days ,you will probably need to create dedicated folders, however this is not difficult to accomplish, especially with Adobe "Lightroom" as this program will keep track of everything as you "import" them, although you will need to input the date/day manually. this is quite simple requiring just a "right click" to rename.

The downside of Lightroom at present is that it's in beta form and quite slow, so a pretty high spec PC is required with plenty of ram (I run 2Gb) and it's still rather slow. No doubt the final release will be much faster.

You can download the beta from click here.

I have no idea what the final version will cost, but I'm in the fortunate position where it will be free.

  Mr. Chips 12:35 14 Aug 2006


I looked and found no sub-divisions of the months option avavilable.

If I am not advised of anything which actually matches my needs, I shall attempt to upload the photos into picassa more frequently.

thanks again

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