Digi Box retune

  jack 14:27 27 Sep 2005

Living in the Southeast with Crystal Palace and Norwood Masts as my propogators my digi reception is pretty good- with the exception of 5 which can be 'blocky' from time to time.

Learning of lots of new channels now on air- last night I did a scan.
Sure enough all the new channels are in - no blanks
except for 5
This has completely gone. The channel count goes from 4 to 6 with out a mention of 5, not even a screen with out of range red dot.

So whats to do?

  Mikè 09:19 01 Oct 2005

Sounds like your reception of Channel 5 is less than the ideal. Take it to a friends house with better reception, re-scan channels and bring it home and try again.

It's possible that the picture may freeze or pixelate.

  DieSse 12:08 02 Oct 2005

If you haven't already done so - consider upgrading your aerial, and/or fitting an aerial amplifier, and/or removing any aerial splitters in the cable before the Freeview box. If you need to split the aerial signal, do it after the FV box, or invest in a proper distribution amplifier.

  jack 12:18 02 Oct 2005

Mike- will have a go at off site retune when my mate comes back from hols.
Good idea, I think there is an amplifier in the junk box in the loft somewhere.
I'll have have to have a fumble to see what I can find- also the splitters - yeah there is a couple

OK thats given me enough to work on. I'll tickit
for now

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