Dial 112 for help

  Pine Man 14:34 02 Dec 2007

I have received a well-meaning email which suggests;

1.That if you are in trouble you should dial 112 on your mobile as this goes straight to the police.

2. 112 should be used when you haven't got any signal and 999 can't be used.

I didn't know 112 went straight to the police but surely if you haven't got any signal you can't dial anybody! This information allegedly comes from Dorset Police.

  Pine Man 14:50 02 Dec 2007

This is a myth, which has NOT been endorsed by Dorset Police and does NOT work!

  irishrapter 15:31 02 Dec 2007

112 is the European emergency phone number that can be used along with 999 in most European Countries.
click here for more info.

  irishrapter 15:36 02 Dec 2007


Just looked it up on Wikipedia click here

112 is used as an international GSM emergency number.

Quote from above link:

"The GSM mobile phone standard includes 112 as an emergency number, and in countries where 112 is not the standard emergency telephone number, GSM telephone users who make calls to 112 generally have their calls redirected to the local emergency telephone number, if it exists. This is valuable for foreign travelers, who may not know the local emergency number. Most GSM mobile phones can dial 112 calls even when the phone keyboard is locked, the phone is without a SIM card, or instead of the PIN."

  superhoops 15:59 02 Dec 2007

I have never understood how on my old phone if I was not in an area without good reception a message would come up on the display saying "Emergency use only". If there is no reception how would an emergency call work???

  irishrapter 06:21 03 Dec 2007

You use to see the old "Emergency use only" message as you most likely lost coverage with your cell provider (that you have the contract with) but still had coverage with a different cell provider.

Coverage has now been improved a lot on all networks so we don't see this message as much.

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