Dgital radio delay

  Tycho 13:08 11 Feb 2006

An irritiating thing about the otherwise exceelent digital radion reception that we have is the delay. I have been used to having our hifi fm radio on in one room and a cheap radio on in the kitchen. The delay removes this option. The options digital recetion for radio that Inave are a) through the televison (free view terrestrial) and the computer and there is a diferent delay on each of these.

It had occured to me that a digital decoder for the hifi might be a useful addition. Does anyone know if the delay on that is lkely to be the same as the delay on the cheap kitchen radio?

In hopes.


  amonra 13:57 11 Feb 2006

Different sets, different delays. It all depends on how the processor in the radios handle the mux signals. I have the same problem with two different set-top boxes situated in two adjacent rooms, two adjacent rooms !!!

  Tycho 15:15 11 Feb 2006

Thanks, Amonra. It is as I suspected. So there is no point in the purchase ATM


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