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Denon RCD-M37DAB Owners (Or Just Anyone Who Knows The Spec)?

  Joseph Kerr 15:02 12 Apr 2012

Hello all.

I have the opportunity to buy one of these at what I think is a decent price (£70.00, but I don't know the original price...?).

However, I have a couple of concerns.

Firstly, the radio is not working and I'm told it would not take much to get it working. This is important as it'd be the main reason for having it. Can anyone be more specific about what it maytake to get it fixed?

Secondly, the alarm function is important. I would need to be able to tell it to turn on the radio at x time in the morning, but also at x volume. Anyone know if it will do this? I know many will just use the volume at which you last listened. Oddly, my current radio (Pure Tempus 1XT) says that in the manual, but you can actually set the volume.

It's be nice to have something in th ebedroom with a remote and MP3 disk ability.

Anyway, any help much appreciated.

  john bunyan 18:07 12 Apr 2012

Do not know the Denon but we have , in the bedroom, a Roberts CRD-42 digital (FM, DAB, iPod, Aux) clock radio with an iPod dock. It has 2 alarms, which can be set for daily, once, weekdays, weekends, so I have one time for weekdays and another for weekends. It has a small remote, a 3 mode dimmer switch. You set the volume and choose which mode to be woken to. When it come on it is a gradual build up from very quiet so you do not leap up!It would play other MP3's via the Aux input.Bought in Currys.

  john bunyan 18:09 12 Apr 2012

Here it is at John Lewis. Roberts

  Joseph Kerr 19:16 12 Apr 2012

Thanks John.

  BRYNIT 08:29 15 Apr 2012

After a quick search

Click here for a review in 2009 the price may be correct

Click here Recondition unit with 12 Months warranty for £140

  BRYNIT 08:34 15 Apr 2012

Instructions from Devon web site Click here

  BRYNIT 08:36 15 Apr 2012

Must check my spelling it should say Denon web site

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