Deleting emails from Outlook after viewing on mobile phone

  Bigpeat 18:34 03 Mar 2013

I have two email accounts - one with and the other with If I download emails onto my iPhone (or iPad) and delete them on the phone, those sent to the btinternet address still appear in MS Outlook on my PC whereas those to don't. I would prefer to be able to delete them permanently on my mobile phone to avoid having to delete them again when I next launch Outlook on the PC. How do I configure Outlook so that it handles emails sent to btinternet in the same way as

  Woolwell 13:23 04 Mar 2013

Are these imap or pop accounts? If pop you are probably leaving messages on the server. Check the iphone and ipad mail setting.

  Bigpeat 16:55 04 Mar 2013

You are right, Woolwell, the btinternet account is POP and the other is IMAP. I changed the setting of the btinternet account on my iPhone to "Delete from server when removed from inbox" and hope this will do the trick. Many thanks.

  Bigpeat 10:55 05 Mar 2013

UPdate - unfortunately this doesn't appear to work. Emails to my btinternet address (POP) which have been viewed and deleted from my iPhone still appear (and are marked as unread) in Outlook on my PC when launched later. Emails to my IMAP account are handled correctly. Any further suggestions?

  tech-ultrasonic 11:11 05 Mar 2013

The option should have worked. I have my account on which is also a POP. When I download my emails from it on my mobile, it puts those messages in the POP folder which it created by default since I started using it on my phone. I too have tried the same option as yours and it worked fine. Check again if the option you selected is still activated. It might be a possibility that it would have been reversed after you logged out.

  Woolwell 12:00 05 Mar 2013

If you can it may be worthwhile changing the binternet account to imap.

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