Deleting Digital Switchover warnings

  john bunyan 18:04 03 Dec 2011

My area will be switching off analogue TV soon. Almost every time I change channels (I am only using digital on 2 TV's and DVD recorders) I get a big square black box with info on the switchover. Yes there is a way of turning off the warning each time by pressing the yellow button, but is there a way of stopping it altogether?(TV's Pioneer, Sony; DVD recorders : Pioneer, Panasonic)

  mole44 04:32 04 Dec 2011

Try re-tuning your tv,all sorts change happen at the switchover,so a retune is what's needed,we had to do a re-tune twice in Luton as switchover was implimented.

  morddwyd 07:29 04 Dec 2011


It's incessant, and won't disappear until switchover.

Even worse if you happen to be ablle to pick up two different areas, with different switchover days - then you have to go through it twice!

  dms_05 09:58 04 Dec 2011

Some PVR's are very sensitive to receiving the same channels from different transmitters (essentially they will try to place competing versions of BBC1 etc etc in the same EPG slot and the EPG won't function properly). So you should manually tune the MUX's you want to receive by preference if you receive two or more transmitters. At the same time DSO is in stages (usually BBC2 goes first followed by the rest some days later) and everyone will have a final retune when the very last analogue is turned off in a year or so. At various stages some of the MUX's will also have their power increased so you might not receive all the promised channels immediately. In the worst cases the start/end period will have lasted almost 5 years. Some countries did it in a single day (even very big ones like Spain managed that). Why has the UK take so long? Lots of well paid jobs for political appointees might be one reason.

  john bunyan 16:29 04 Dec 2011

Thanks for the replies. I have not used analogue for some time, and some of my devices (such as the Pioneer DVD) update for new channels; others prompt a retune when a new channel is found.I am not sure why they need to change the existing digital channels, which are all in place and working, when the analogue is switched off. I will retune again to see if the situation improves. The only device that really gives the option as to which transnitter to use is my built in TV tuner in my PC (MCE, W7 Ultimate)

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