Debrand an LG KG 800 Chocolate

  Chris the Ancient 12:48 08 Mar 2008

I have just got, through ebay, a *very* nice KG800 Chocolate phone. I'm impressed.

The phone came as locked to the Orange network, but I soon got that sorted for my o2 sim to work in it.

Only a minor niggle... It always starts and finishes with the Orange log. Not the end of the world, I know; but it would be nice to find a way of debranding the phone - for free.

Quite a while on google hasn't helped - short of buying an expensive box, or sending the phone away accompanied with a large payment. Being a cheapskate, I don't want to spend that money!

So, has anyone found a quick, easy and cheap method of debranding a KG800?


  belfman 22:16 08 Mar 2008

Turn the phone on & off with your eyes closed.

  merciarich 01:52 10 Mar 2008

Belfman - Very funny. Seriously, sarcasm is great.

CtA - You can "flash" the software to the generic software. Nothing that a Google search cant sort out, search for "debrand a KG800" or similar.
Maybe you could have a look at your local market? We have a stall at our market who unlocks and debrands practically everything, always worth a look.

  Chris the Ancient 08:52 10 Mar 2008

I did have a good look through google - but couldn't see anything that I could use - even used the "debrand KG800" that you recommended. However, all the links I followed ended up as an unlock thread or to an expensive 'box' that would do the job.

My next stage is to hunt for one of these local guys and see if they can debrand and reflash the software becasue, for some peculiar reason, Orange have inhibited some functions in their branding!

I shall keep searching.


  merciarich 15:04 11 Mar 2008

I think looking in the local market/shops would be the best out of my two suggestions.

"Orange have inhibited some functions in their branding!"

Yup, its supposed to stop you from wanting to unlock/debrand :-)

  Chris the Ancient 15:25 11 Mar 2008

That's my next (not quite so important) function in life... Explore local shops etc. I just need a Tardis to find a slot in my diary!

  Chris the Ancient 11:38 28 Mar 2008

I sent my phone off to be debranded. And it was a dream. I used click here and the service was very rapid and hassle-free. Add to that the reuse of my original packaging, but in a new jiffy bag - thus saving the environment, and I can heartily recommend this company for anything to do with the fixing (or whatever) of mobile phones.

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