Dead Pixels on Sharp LCD TV

  prince midas 18:14 08 Nov 2008

I purchased a 19in Sharp LCD TV yesterday.
It appeared fine at first but when I watched it in the evening I noticed about 8 inches in from the left hand side a red line from top to bottom which I think is a 9 in approx top to bottom of the screen of dead pixels.
On ringing today the shop they say it will have to go back for repair. I exploded and said I wanted it replaced tommorow. On checking with another shop they say they have never heard of a complete line in red,what are your comments and am I in my rights to get a new TV.

  100andthirty 18:46 08 Nov 2008

If you buy something new and it doesn't work properly, take it back to the shop and ask for a refund. they might offer a replacement or a repair. You are under no obligation to accept either - equally you have no absolute right to demand a replacement - only to a refund! If there's any quibble mention the Sale of Goods Act.

  prince midas 19:45 08 Nov 2008

Thank you for a reply,at least if I have a problem I can ask for a refund.

What worries me is if a have a line of dead pixels 9 in long which must be hundreds what hope have I that this could happen on another LCD monitor and even worse if I buy a new laptop I now worry that it could be faulty as checking Laptops Direct I notice that they charge £40 to check that your new computor as no dead pixels as it appears that Sony will not replace a Laptop which as less than 8 pixels faulty.

  100andthirty 21:36 08 Nov 2008

I suspect that your problem is not "dead pixels" as normally used of one or two bright or dark pixels on a screen. your problem is probably associated with the electronics that drive the screen - though I can't be sure. We have 4 lcd computer screens and have no dead pixels.

I have a simplistic solution to the Laptops Direct or Sony issue. If you don't like their policy, don't buy from them. You should certainly google "laptops direct"!!

My HP laptop came from John Lewis with a free 2 year warranty. If I bought a laptop from a store and it had dead pixels, I'd have no hesitation in taking it back!

  prince midas 10:17 09 Nov 2008

Thank you,I notice that John Lewis give a 2 yr guarantee on Sony Laptops which looks good.

  David4637 13:20 11 Nov 2008

Check with J Lewis, on there policy to dead pixels before you buy from them. David

  EmmaS 10:16 12 Nov 2008

John Lewis has an excellent customer care reputation. :)

  MAT ALAN 18:47 13 Nov 2008

The following statement was supplied by a fellow member long time ago...


"All contractual terms such as this are subject to the Sale of Goods Acts and as such a dead pixel policy has no effect if the goods are defective. Any patch on the screen noticeable by the ordinary user would render the goods defective."

Please note the term "dead pixel policy has no effect", this means they cannot enforce such a policy in law.

However if the goods are sold as either "defective", "B-Grade", "seconds", etc., and specifically state that the screen may have dead pixels, then they are acting within the law. These should be offered at a reduced cost. It is then clearly up to you to decide whether to buy or not...

  theDarkness 04:11 15 Nov 2008

Im awkward and dead fussy, so i would be counting those black dead pixels every day as i switch my lcd tv on! Most companies wont refund or replace as dead pixels are common in new lcd tvs, and can also occur over time. It doesnt sound like you have the common variety of dead pixel problem though, so definately take it back. I think i will wait until the next technology comes out and avoid lcd for now. I may have a while to wait, so my loss! Lol. :) tvs are getting so big in screen size, once they are all cheap- i predict the end of cinema very soon and every new movie streamed or downloaded straight to your home tv! definately within 5 to 10 yrs. not too long to wait :) i will miss the cinema lol

  MAT ALAN 10:01 15 Nov 2008

Most companies wont refund or replace as dead pixels are common in new lcd tvs,

They are obliged to under consumer protection laws...

  theDarkness 13:50 15 Nov 2008

i know what you are saying, but with the dead pixel rule you mention above, in which they will replace or refund if the dead pixel quantity is of an 'unsatisfactory level', what one person can live with relating to the amount of annoying black dots on their tv screen, many others cannot! ..and its not just the film buffs im referring to. Lol

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