Data Manager on Nokia Lumia 520

  [email protected] 19:47 11 Jul 2013

Can someone please tell me where the Data manager is on a Nokia Lumia 520 mobile phone. I want to shut it off when not in use in order to conserve megabytes. Thanks

  martd7 23:13 12 Jul 2013

I have a lumia 925 and if i swipe the main screen to the left you will see a list of apps "data sense" is on that list

  [email protected] 22:08 13 Jul 2013

Hello mart7.

I do not have Data sense on my phone but will attempt to download it from the shop. however, I have now gone into Settings, then Mobile Network, then click OFF. I am hoping this will restrict data being used whilst I am not using the phone. Thanks :)

  martd7 16:52 14 Jul 2013

Hello marian

im not sure were talking about the same thing?data sense program allows u to set a limit on usage so you don't exceed your monthly allowance the only time you use data is if you connect to the internet,answer emails use Facebook etc,if your not using the phone it doesn't use any data

  [email protected] 20:28 15 Jul 2013

Hello Mart7,

Thanks for the additional information.

On checking my phone this morning (via an Orange account app), I noticed the phone had already used over 150 megabytes over 3 days and I had gone nowhere!

Slightly annoyed with this, I have returned the phone to them and will revert to my old one on which I have downloaded the ONAVO app. Marvellous piece of equipment to keep track of data consumed :)

  martd7 22:15 15 Jul 2013

Thats exactly what "data sense" is for,im surprised you havent been able to find an app in the nokia store im sure theres a few that do this,have you not got wifi? if you have and use it it doesnt count towards your usage

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