Damsel in distress with digital boxes set up

  Dee1957 19:48 18 Mar 2013

Give me strength... I am an otherwise pretty independent sort of girl, I make & put up shelves, put a 50" TV bracket on wall (for 23 year old useless son), hang blinds, the list goes on but when it comes to PC terms, I'm confused. I have got rid of rip-off Sky and have heard about these Humax type boxes & Solwise Wireless Homeplug thingies but don't understand how to do the wires (or none hopefully). Can I adapt my Sky boxes? or can I have my own boxes instead & get some extra channels, my pretty old tele has a HDMI? socket but not a USB.... As you can see I've done some research but don;t understand it, don't know any men to do it for me (best option) & little money to pay someone so please take pity on a girl & advise in plain English - would be very grateful for any help ♥

  Nontek 20:14 18 Mar 2013

Hmm, I am not sure what you are trying to achieve - is it just more TV channels or to extend your PC's Router capabilities so that multiple PCs/Laptops can be used at the same time around your home?

If the latter, how do you normally connect to the Internet?

  Dee1957 20:22 18 Mar 2013

Thank you, see how confused I am lol.... I want an alternative to Sky (not the full guacamole) but perhaps Freeview plus few more channels and want achieve that by not have a long cable between PC location and front room. I have a router and although thought I had a wireless connection, there's loads of wires connected between it and my desktop. I had Sky broadband disconnected and an temporarily using a dongle until I get my new broadband (not cable) Not sure you'll be none the wiser - thanks for your patience!

  Forum Editor 20:31 18 Mar 2013

"Can I adapt my Sky boxes?"

No, you can forget about that.

"can I have my own boxes instead & get some extra channels"

You can have a Humax box which connects to your TV aerial, and gives you around 50 Freeview digital TV channels and 24 radio stations. It works like your SKY box as far as recording goes, and is easy to set up. Connect to a power supply, connect to the aerial, and connect to the TV, then run the setup utility - the box will do the rest. It's all clearly explained in the booklet that comes in the box.

"Solwise Wireless Homeplug thingies"

That's a separate subject, and as Nontek says, it will help to know about your existing internet connection - who provides the service, and do you have a wireless router?

  Forum Editor 20:37 18 Mar 2013

You posted while I was typing.

There should only be one cable between your router and your PC - an ethernet cable that connects the computer to the internet. If the router was used with the SKY subscription it will obviously no longer work.

Other cables from the router are usually one for a power supply,and one for the connection between the router and a telephone land-line socket. You mention 'my new broadband' so I presume you have arranged for a new connection with another company; which company are you using?

  Nontek 20:39 18 Mar 2013

You seem to be getting two items mixed up - Sky/Freeview and PC, I assume you mean that you have stopped (or are stopping using Sky TV) in favour of using a Freeview box connected to TV !

Confusion comes with by not having a long cable between PC location and front room? What has the PC got to do with Sky/Freeview?

It is a simple matter to connect a Freeview box to your TV, after removal of any Sky box. A Freeview box will give you extra TV/Radio channels.

  Nontek 20:41 18 Mar 2013

I was typing same time as FE!

  Dee1957 20:49 18 Mar 2013

Thanks!! I will look at Humax or cheaper alternatives as may be satisfied with less than 50 channels. When you mention TV aerial is that a wire that goes in the socket marked aerial in the back of the TV as don't have a connection to roof. I have got a great deal with EE, although I didn't want a home phone 'cos of the line rental & don't want the cable option thru V but got £19 per month incl line rental, not bad me thinks. Pretty sure I'm getting a wireless router. I also recently signed up to Lovefilm on a good offer but then realised I had no way of watching it as no internet connection in lounge (what a fool) Thanks again

  Nontek 20:57 18 Mar 2013

TV aerial - Yes to connects to socket on back of TV - Unless you are in a very good TV Reception area, an outside (roof) aerial is just about essential. Though TV via Cable would be even better.

More information on Router would help.

  Dee1957 20:58 18 Mar 2013

I'm sorry Nontek. Think you can just plug in a freeview box, my Sky is completely disconnected but can still get a few Freeview channels & I understand the Humax type boxes are different from Freeview boxes give u options like Sky, record, pause etc but think u need an internet connection for eg. Netflix, Now TV etc which I think need internet (if that makes any sense) so is that where the home plugs come into play to get that connection without a wire? oh god......

  Nontek 20:59 18 Mar 2013

Internet connection in lounge would be easy by using Homeplugs, regardless of where router is situated.

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