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DAB radio

  amonra 19:59 13 Apr 2010

There have been a number of articles in the papers lately regarding phasing out of FM broadcasts and replacing them with DAB radio. Mention has been made of "converters" to enable car radios to continue working. Have any of the forum seen one of these beasts or seen one advertised anywhere ? I do not intend to spend megabucks to instal a new radio in my car and I certainly do not intend to change the car. Your comments please.

  morddwyd 07:50 14 Apr 2010

I think by the time this happens such adaptors will be widely available.

The proposed timescale is even longer than that originally proposed for the tv digital switch over and I doubt if I will see analogue radio disappear in my lifetime.

Unless you are a member of the Vintage & Veteran Car Club I suspect you will have changed your car, and your radio, long before then!

  dms_05 09:32 14 Apr 2010

The current adaptors are expensive, don't work very well compared to original fit DAB and have lots of trailing wires. Avoid!

Replacing all the FM radios in current use (about 200 million) will cost a massive £10 billion pounds the majority of which will go directly to China. I'm sure the UK public would prefer to spend the money on something better, especially as DAB is no better than FM and often much worse.

The DAB lobby are getting so afraid they will never reach the magic 50% penetration of use that they are now fiddling the FM radio statistics to omit new FM radios in anything like a portable format where DAB isn't currently available. So iPods with FM are excluded as a Mobile Phones with FM.

DAB is a poor technology with little or no advantage over the robust and proven FM it seeks to replace.

  dms_05 14:50 14 Apr 2010

What wavebands does the radio have? If it's DAB equipped it should have a DAB tuner. It may also have the standard FM/MW/LW as well. For a bit more background look at click here

  amonra 19:33 14 Apr 2010

Having done a little more research on the web it seems that as dms_05 says, they are very expensive, very few and far between, and dont work particularly well. In my area of Wales most signals be they radio or TV are very variable so I expect the DAB car-radio reception will be no-no.
Thank you all for your input, perhaps the next government will not have the cash to implement the changeover. Well we can always hope !

  morddwyd 19:51 14 Apr 2010

"perhaps the next government will not have the cash to implement the changeover."

The next government won't have the time to implement the changeover; I reckon it will be about three governments from now.

"DAB is a poor technology with little or no advantage over the robust and proven FM"

Not strictly true.

Not quite so prone to interference, and you can get many more stations on one "bouquet" like digital tv. For instance, I can only pick up three "transmitters" - Central, Edinburgh and Tayside, but these will give me 40+ stations.

On fm I can't get a dozen.

Not only can I get the normal local stations much better on my DAB radio rather than FM, but I can also get some national stations, such as Gold, who would not be able to get a local fm allocation even if they wanted to.

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