D-Link wireless security set up

  mik61ish 06:46 04 Sep 2007

I have just installed D-Link DI -634M 108G Mimo Router linked with a Dynalink RTA 1335. These 2 are connected to my garage PC, then the wireless is feeding a laptop and bedroom PC.

I bought the D-LInk router 2nd hand, and I have got it all up and running my question is how do I alter the original name given to the router and how do I make it secure, how do I access the router to do these changes?

  hzhzhzhz 08:11 04 Sep 2007

with my 604,I type in the address bar of my browser. Not sure if it will work for your model.

  ambra4 14:09 04 Sep 2007


D-Link Router Access Code: - click here

User name: - admin

Password: - admin

  ambra4 14:10 04 Sep 2007

mik61ish sorry

D-Link Router Access Code: -
User name: - admin
Password: - admin

  mik61ish 04:05 05 Sep 2007

Right I have managed to get into D-Link settings changed the user name I am into wireless on left pane

SSID Broadcast = Enabled yes

Authetication = Open system yes

WEP = Disabled yes

WEP Encryption 64 Bit

Key Type = HEX

Key 1 to 4

I guess need to change some of these settings to make my wireless secure!?

  ambra4 01:43 07 Sep 2007

Change the SSID to a name that would you like 75 mik61 etc

Don't worry about security for now save setting an enter same name in laptop and see if you can access your local network, print to you local printer access Internet, and all working well for a few days you can now look at setting up the security

Enable the WEP system and the system should make a code

This is very Important save the WEP code and the SSID name on a flash drive or writes it down

You have to enter the same information into the laptop to connect to the router

If you enter the wrong information you would not be able to access the router wireless system, you will have to reset the router back to the default setting and reconfigure the router

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