Custom & Full resets. Codes etc!!

  gazmix 17:38 06 Jun 2009

My phone software malfunctioned and i have googled a few things and come up with a few pages that say i can enter codes while sim is out & they take me to hidden menus that i can then repair my phone.

I can access certain parts, just not others.
What is the difference between a custom & full reset & look test code!!



  birdface 12:42 08 Jun 2009

Not sure if you can pick up any tips on here.

click here

  gazmix 18:38 08 Jun 2009

No, didn't get much of there, i replaced some using a code that i typed in, am just not sure if its ok to do this & wondering what the differences between the types of resets are.

  birdface 10:04 09 Jun 2009

Sorry not a great help.I have the same sort of problem .Mine started when I went into a local shop to get my phone unlocked.I put an asda sim card in and had to contact asda to get the phone working and was told that I was using someone else's phone. I explained it was my phone and had it from new so i can only think that the unlocking had something to do with it.
I can reset it back to its original settings but not sure if it would then be locked into the original provider or not.There are a few folders missing on it at the moment but as I just use it as a spare I am not that worried.
My other phone which came unlocked I have put an asda sim in that as well but the phone has an update part on it which I am reluctant to try in case it also puts me back to my original provider.
Just wondering if the restore to factory settings would fix yours or not.
If you are thinking of trying it maybe make sure you have all your contacts on your sim card or you would loose them.Not sure if you would have to remove the sim card before resetting the phone.

  gazmix 12:08 10 Jun 2009

The settings on this phone aren't factory reset, they juts give options of 'all, phone, display & light'.

It has been unlocked & like you, am concerned it will go back to original provider!

I can't remove the sim card as i can't gain entry to any menu's whilst its out, but i can gain entry to the hidden menu's i was talking about!
The 'look test' reset code brings up a hidden menu & i hear there are many more!!

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