Cubot R113 weeks old and will only charge to 10%

  Meejuliee 06:15 17 Dec 2018

Hi I got my daughter a cubot R11 3 weeks ago and now it will on charge if the charging cable is slightly pulled forward tried other cables too the red light dies come on it chargers but only to 10% I’m gutted tbh wonder if anyone could put me in the right direction

  wee eddie 10:02 17 Dec 2018

Take it back to the Retailer

  alanrwood 10:07 17 Dec 2018

Yes Send it back within the 4 week period where you do not have to give a reason. From what you describe either the battery has gone faulty or the charging socket is intermittent (Not unusual).

I would not let this influence you against Cubot phones as mine has functioned perfectly for 2 years now and I am very happy with it

  LV426 11:51 23 Dec 2018

Take it back or try another battery, it take it all the battery tape was removed when you unpacked it.

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