Creative Zen Vision M 30GB

  SURVEY 14:23 11 Apr 2007

I have just bought a couple of very cheap flash mp3 players for my granddaughters. I was able to transfer mp3 files and whole albums to these players simply by using WMP 11, highlighting the file or album and telling WMP to sync with the player. Easy.

1. Can I do this with the Zen Vision M?

2. By clicking on an album with album art in WMP will all including the art, genre etc be transferred this simply to the Zen?

3. I do not have playlists in WMP. On my present player (a Rio 5GB) with its own software, I can import what is on the player and then make up my own playlists. How can I do this with the Zen?

4. If I were to set up Playlists on WMP, would these be transfrred automatically when syncing those tracks/albums from WMP with the Zen?

  SURVEY 11:11 13 Apr 2007

Can anyone help with this query please?

  nick_j007 22:33 16 Apr 2007

I'm pretty certain that it's a yes for all the above questions. My Zen synch's a treat with the latest WMP.
click here is very good for these q's.



  SURVEY 08:59 17 Apr 2007

nick_j007 - thanks for yor response. By the sound of it you seem pleased with your Zen? I am just debating whether to get the 30GB or wait a week or so when the 60GB is released over here in the 30GB casing.

  nick_j007 17:29 17 Apr 2007

So sorry. I now realise(I think) it was you I had an exchange with a while back and you were expressing sound views re the WMP and not MAc etc.
Well, if your needs are very humble the 30 gig will. However, it's inevitable that you will wish you had plumbed for the 60 Gig do that ;-)
I have been away for a week with it and loved using it all the time. I listened to some of my music that I haven't hear in ages, and these players can do that for you.
I managed to get a few movies on there too and the quality is very good indeed. The sound needs bringing up a bit on movies as I found it a bit quiet, but I think Iriverter software that I used allows you to increase it.
For the movies I found that sitting up in bed last thing with my Senheisser buds in it was brilliant. The screen is not readable in bright light poolside for example but that's not surprising. Movie sound was lost on the plane too due to the certain noise planes make, but MP3' (WMA's in my case were great).
Go for'll be happy I'm sure.
P.S. It doesn't come with a wall charger and the Creative ones are expensive (£20 ish) I bought TWO for ten pounds from Ebay that were generic in type, but fit the criteria and worked in the travel plugs too on is it 100V?
If I can answer any more questions do let me know.
Don't get hung up on saving a few mm. either. When you consider what it could be carrying it's still a miracle.
Battery life was very good, but once it goes it just hangs up on you without warning! With planning and charging overnight it was fine though with heavy use most days.
If you would like Ebay links I could still provide those as it is a recent buy.

In fact I'll put it here now:

click here

Ask me more if you like.

Kind Regards,


  SURVEY 17:54 17 Apr 2007

nick_j007 - thsnks again for your response. You have been most helpful. You are correct, I will be going for the 60GB model especially now that Creative are selling the slimmer model.I shall not be using this for video but may take the opportunity to put some photos on; however its main purpose will be music.

From what you and others have said the sound quality is excellent (I will be using other earpieces or be playing through my hi-fi system). I have found my present mp3 player very useful for playing all my music on shuffle - it is amazing how many tracks one misses with a CD collection that pop up on the mp3 shuffle - like rediscovering one's music collection!

I shall have to use a mains charger although it is possible that my present charger for my Rio Carbon may fit as it has a usb connection on the mains plug itself. Otherwise, I shall take your recommendation.

I understand that the Zen comes with a protective skin and I shall leave that on. I shall also need a case and the slim model means that I can use a 30GB case; I shall try and track a decent one down.

  nick_j007 10:41 18 Apr 2007

Yes, I have left the screen cover on as the quality is fine...I do not notice it when viewing the screen.
The unit will recharge vis USB of course, and it comes with all the correct cables for that.
It took me a few days to get to grips with the unit...but I managed it without the instructions etc.
Do look at the click here forum for Creative and then scroll down to's well populated, and you can read all the FAQ's etc. and would be your best place to research and post.
You will be very pleased with it I'm sure.
I know you've been considering this for some time now.
I have bought a nice thin rubber case that leaves all the main holes free and it is very good...but can I find where I bought it from online? no not yet...let me look in the email folder...
Ok, skin is here. I got mine in black and it looks nice...does hold the lint from clothing, but a small price to pay.
click here

Some power options here as I can't find my order:
click here



  SURVEY 10:54 18 Apr 2007

nick_j007 - thanks again. Will post a message if I have any queries when I receive the player.

  nick_j007 11:12 18 Apr 2007

sure thing.

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