Creative Zen Problem

  SURVEY 11:31 07 Dec 2008

I have a Zen Vision M 60GB MP3 player. This has been excellent util a couple of days ago when I dropped it. It loads only to the Recovery mode and then none of the options work. Even a reformat option immediately displays a message that thee is a Hard Disk problem.

Has anyone any experience of Creative's repair service or another repair service - cost, time etc?

Maybe I have to replace the player but I need 60Gb and prefer to use mp3 files rather than Apple's format. My Zen is not manufactured anymore. I also do not particularly like itunes, preferring to use Media Player for transfer and I belive that ipod's will not accept transfers from Media Player.

What are my options/suggestions please?

  canarieslover 12:30 07 Dec 2008

Before anything else try a firmware upgrade. I have also had to deal with a dropped Zen (My son's) several times and this has effected a cure. Download the exe file, set Zen to firmware upgrade and connect to computer, double click on exe file, click Yes to firmware upgrade on Zen and wait. You will lose all your tunes but usually you get your Zen back working.
click here

  canarieslover 12:39 07 Dec 2008

Couple more useful sites before sending it for repair.
click here
click here

  SURVEY 12:54 07 Dec 2008

canarieslover - thanks for your suggestion. I have the latest firmware but have tried, just in case, to reload it. Unfortunately it only loads three quarters of the way and then stops. I am sure this is a hard disk failure.

  SURVEY 13:13 07 Dec 2008

canarieslover - had tried your two links, both to no avail. the recovery tool hangs part way.

Thus I recekon it is a return to Creative, assuming they have replacement drives. I had heard bad things about their costs and service times etc. so was hoping to avoid this. Cannot find a cheap s/h one on Ebay or Amazon. Or do I go the ipod route?

  100andthirty 15:39 07 Dec 2008

I suspect it's terminal; dropping a hard disk unit is bad for it and the fact that it doesn't work properly afterwards is a bit of a givaway.

you can still get the odd Zen Vision:M - Creative have some refurbished ones:

click here=

  SURVEY 15:46 07 Dec 2008

100andthirty - yes I am certain it is terminal. Just had an email from Creative who say they no longer have any parts for my model. They say they can give me a discount off a new model but they do not have a model with 60GB capacity as far as I am aware. They never suggested a refurbished model so thanks for your link .

  canarieslover 18:11 07 Dec 2008

If you reckon it's terminal then use the link I gave for dismantling so that you can check that the cable has not become dislodged. You've nothing to lose. Then try another format followed by a re-install of operating system. I must admit I had to go through the process three times last time my son dropped his. When system is re-installing just go away and leave it for 1/2 an hour, it may look as though it's stopped but as the song says 'It ain't necessarily so'. Be patient. Good luck.

  SURVEY 18:26 07 Dec 2008

canarieslover - thanks again for your advice. will give it a go again

  SURVEY 09:20 22 Dec 2008

canarieslover - just an update. My Vision M was terminal. I did manage to take the player apart but to no effect. I bought a Zen X-fi and this appears pretty good. I even managed to claim part of the cost of the dropped unit by an insurance claim! Maybe someone may like my Vision M if they need a new casing etc.

  canarieslover 10:18 22 Dec 2008

Glad all has worked out well. Happy Christmas!!

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