Creating passport photos

  awest3 22:24 07 May 2007

I'm probably missing something but...! I want to create my own paaport photos..I have PSP9, serif photoplus, picasa2 and have tried using all of them to no avail. The photos need to be 45mm high by 35 mm wide...I took a few phots with my digital camera (Canon IXUS 800 is). When I tried to resize the picture becomes distorted, but leaving the 'maintain aspect ratio' switched on I vcannot get it to the right size. I know you can do this in photoshop, it tells you so on the web..but can I do it with the software / hardware I have..any help appreciated as usual..


  BRYNIT 23:52 07 May 2007

In PSP if the picture is too high or too wide use the crop toll to get the right shape and then reduce the picture maintaining the aspect ratio.

  HXP 01:37 08 May 2007

If you take a head shot at say 6ft - 8ft distance ( depending on lens ) take a waist up shot then load on to pc.

you need then to use the square selection tool to frame the head & top of sholders part of the photo ... a bit of skill to get a 45 x 35 ratio ( don't worry about size right now just crop the correct aspect ratio)

now [copy] & [paste] as new image

[save] new image call it head

[open] head -[image] [resize] menu opens - pick - lock aspect ratio pick print size cm

then pick 4.5 x 3.5 [save] with new file name head1

should be correct size now

for printing

go to [file] [print layout] drag inage to ' paper ' 4 times

set printer to highest re


might be worth testing on ordinary paper just in case first

Good luck ( worked for me psp8)

  BT 08:52 08 May 2007

Look here for the standards for Passport Photos. The requireements are very strict and must be adhered to to avoid rejection

click here

  anchor 14:29 08 May 2007

Comment from the Passport Office:

"The photographs must be printed professionally. Photographs printed at home are not likely to be of an acceptable quality".

  De Nada 15:43 08 May 2007
  awest3 16:48 08 May 2007

Thanks De Nada, the passport site is brilliant..did the original photos in about 2 mins, and has a 99% pass rate..

Thanks to everyone one who contributed answers to my question. As ever I've learnt an awful lot.


  awest3 16:50 08 May 2007

Forgot to say a special thanks to HXP who took the time and trouble to outline how to do it in PSP..

Many Thanks


  anchor 13:47 09 May 2007


Please post back later and tell us if your "home printed" pictures have been accepted by the Passport Office.

  Danoh 16:03 09 May 2007

took a few digital pics at different distances and got them printed off at Costco (9p each).
Those which came up at the right size when trimmed with a guillotine (I noted the distance & lens focal length used), were accepted by the Passport Office.

  freaky 17:59 09 May 2007

Go to Tesco and use their passport photo booth!!

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