Cracking Open the iPhone!

  youtruth 10:14 12 Nov 2007

Things you never knew about the glued down iPhone click here

One day you may need to replace the battery!

  p;3 12:31 12 Nov 2007

click here

this bit

'After waiting in line at the US launch, spending $600 (£298), signing a two-year AT&T contract and activating the iPhone, sister site TechRepublic decided that the next sensible action was to take the thing apart. 'ammused me

if you DO follow the links you get to

'see whether they managed to get it back together in working condition.'
if you scroll to
click here

and read the speel at the bottom of the picky..oh dear::((

replacing (I am am leaving OUT charging of said battery )a battery in a mobile phone is a dam sight easier and quicker aint it::))

  youtruth 13:49 12 Nov 2007

I suppose it does hi-light the dilemma for all high flying makers and designers of the latest technology, in that the main security and anti-cracking techniques employed is to make the brittle housing the fire wall/deterrent.

  Bingalau 17:24 12 Nov 2007

Did I read that the new iPhones were going to be sold cheaper in France from next month?

  dannie520 12:21 13 Nov 2007

Apple what went wrong here. I thought this will be the greatest phone of all the time but I was wrong. I am so sorry that apple I phone had all the missing features & mistakes I have shown in this list below.

- Minimal battery life click here(just like the video I pod I brought few days ago)

- Battery SIM Card can not be taken out (they asks for a paper clip to take out the sim LOL)

- You have to pay to replace the battery

- No Voice Dialing

- No voice recording

- No memory card slot

- No MMS service

- On screen keyboard a bit hard to use

- No A2DP Bluetoothclick here

- Bluetooth available only for the head set

- No GPS (I don't mind anyway)

- Can not install much software to the phone

- Apple got to be shame of there self's to say this is a smart phone although we got to pay the apple for every single application

- No MP3 files as ring tones, you can't set your ring tones as you want

- Not so easy to set up

- Random malfunctions

- freezes sometimes

- No copy & paste feature

- No 3G (I don't mind but some do)

- Safari web browser (without java support)

I wish apple had taken another year or two to plan all there options for the I phone model. Compared to today's phones this phone is just another big mistake, everyone buys it its true but they end up making a huge mistake & they only buy it just because they haven't used any I phones before because this is the first phone by apple, although they are just buying to discover more stuff from a mobile phone but they end up with less functions. Next time when you release the new I phone try to add those missing features & don't accept money for every available supported software to this phone. Give people some respect & try releasing some free software's to your users :-) only then this phone will become the greatest of all. But like this I don't think so.

The only thing I like in this phone is its design nothing else I give 100 % for the design but the features? ! I don't want to talk about it.

Anyway I will wait for the next I phone version to be released I hope to see it with more than this.

  Jimmy14 15:49 13 Nov 2007

I got the LG Viewty instead of the iPhone. Take a look on the link below and see some of the features a phone should have and not a publicity led shambles. PC ADVISOR rated my phone 3.5 out of 5 and the iPhone 4 out of 5 but that's because they are taken in just like everyone else by a phone that is not "revolutionary" REPEAT NOT "revolutionary".

click here

  I am Spartacus 21:16 13 Nov 2007

I thought the conclusions in a recent review of the iPhone, Nokia N95 and HTC Touch were quite amusing. The iPhone won on how quickly testers could come to grips with it but commented:

'The one area that the iPhone didn't excel was in functionality, with only a basic camera and a limited feature set'

I don't know about you but if I was buying any one of those devices at the prices I would want something a little bit better than a 'limited feature set. Yes, it might take a bit longer to learn how to use them but I tend to then remember how to do things on a day to day basis. I don't have to constantly relearn it.

  I am Spartacus 21:21 13 Nov 2007

I don't think the iPhone is necessarily going to be sold cheaper in France but they have to sold 'unlocked' due to French Law click here

  ambra4 01:48 27 Nov 2007

Unlocked iPhones now officially available in Germany

click here

  techie4me 18:33 29 Nov 2007

Someone must like the phone as they are in high demand!

  Jimmy14 16:57 20 Apr 2008

I still stick by my previous post that the iPhone is not revolutionary, however, it is a very good phone.

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