Cost of running apps on an android (if I'm connected to the home wifi router)???

  Florio 18:15 10 Jan 2013

I'm a complete newbie to androids. On my old mobile, I recharged my SIM about once every couple of months, and that was more than sufficient for the few phone calls and text messages I made or sent off. I was given a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 for Christmas. I've only used internet a couple of times, and I've been connected to the wifi router I have here at home for my laptop. The thing is that my credit was overdrawn practically immediately. I know you have to pay to download/buy certain apps, but if you're using them while connected to a router or free wifi service, are you charged for this? And what about if they are apps that don't require internet? (Sudoku for example). I can't believe, for example, that just checking the weather with costs me almost 2 euros!! Does anyone know about the costs involved here?

  SillBill 22:00 10 Jan 2013

You need to go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks and disable (untick) "Use packet data" and do the same with "Data roaming".This will ensure that you don't incur any network charges for data, your telephone is NOT affected but you will only be able to access the internet via WiFi at home or at a WiFi Hotspot. In an emergency, to use the internet away from a WiFi source, just re-enable the data via network.

  Florio 06:36 11 Jan 2013

Thanks SillBill,

I checked the settings and the two options you menion were already disabled. So something else is going on. I now have the suspicion that my son may have accepted some kind of online service, as my credit decreases by exactly 2 euros per day!! Hope to get to the bottom of this!

  SillBill 09:57 11 Jan 2013

There has to be another reason for those charges since you cannot be downloading via your phone provider's service. I'd check with the network, you seem to have some kind of rental plan deducting charges.

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