Cordless wall hung house phone

  Ex plorer 10:28 01 Nov 2015

Hi I am struggling to find cordless wall hanging phones, I need three phones in all under £60, an answering machine is not a necessity.

Has any one bought a set of cordless phones recently that has keyholes at the back for screw fastening to walls.

The base phone will sit on a shelf but the other two must be wall hung.

There are plenty of corded wall mountable phones but I cant get away with just one as an alternative.

  Govan1x 10:45 01 Nov 2015

The other two must be wall hung. They must also have to be connected to a wall power socket.

  Govan1x 11:20 01 Nov 2015

Did not know you could get wall mounted cordless phones but it seems you can.

Click here

  BT 12:09 01 Nov 2015

Pity those a American.

Having said that there seem to be quite a few around

Cordless wall mount phone


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