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  Simsy 14:51 30 Nov 2008

Folks, I'm looking to replace the cordless phone system that I have at home. The one I have is several years old, was very cheap, and is starting to play up.

This time I'm looking to get something made by a manufacturer with a bit of a "pedigree".

I'm looking for a base-station, and a total of 4 handsets. I've found this;
click here

Which seems like it would be suitable, but I don't really know what I'm looking at with regards to the spec... What is meant by "DECT" and "GAP".

I'd also welcome any specific recomendations. Budget is up to to £100, but I don't what to spend more than I need on unwanted features.

I'd like paging, and communicating between the units. Answerphone is not really needed, but I wouldn't eliminate a system just because it had one!

Thanks in advance,



  MCE2K5 15:41 30 Nov 2008

DECT and GAP Compliant click here

  BT 16:23 30 Nov 2008

Go for it. You won't regret it. The modern DECT phones are so much better than the old systems. You might as well have the answer machine for what it costs extra and being digital there's no messing around with tapes, and it can be accessed from any of the handsets.

  Simsy 16:38 30 Nov 2008

I'd welcome specific recommendations for models, or what to stay away from!



  oldbeefer2 17:38 30 Nov 2008

...which works well. click here

  John B 18:14 30 Nov 2008
  MCE2K5 18:24 30 Nov 2008

click here

2 Up

2 Down

  smokingbeagle 18:46 30 Nov 2008

The ability to synchronise the phonebook between the handsets is not mentioned. Would be a very important function for me and probably many people.

May be worth checking if this is just an omission in the description.

  oresome 18:51 30 Nov 2008

I'm not happy with a Philips one we have.

It doesn't provide a time and date stamp on the answering machine and the audio quality on the answering machine is awful to the extent that it is difficult to decipher messages.

But these defects may not matter to you. The audio quality from the handsets is first class and there is no problem with range.

  laurie53 19:23 30 Nov 2008

Consider a Skype package. Handy if your computer is usually on for most of the day.

I have a two handset package, but I am sure it could take additional handsets.

  Stuartli 21:47 30 Nov 2008

If you have a wireless network desktop or laptop, I've been told that the excellent Panasonic DECT cordless models also have a good record in minimising any possible problems with Internet connections.

By the way, many local discount shops, Argos and similar outlets regularly sell off just discontinued DECT phones at remarkably low prices.

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