Copmpact Flash Three layers?

  jack 16:25 18 Mar 2006

Imagine this.
1. You take photos- load them onto computer -delete
from disk.
2. You take more photos load onto computer - delete
from disk
3. You take some more photos- In the camera this
latest Batch show fine. But put the card in the
card reader and batch 2 show, not the latest

Even more puzzling run the card into a recovery
program [ Bad Copy Pro] and it pulls up [Batch 1.
and nothing else.

So what is going on?

  jack 16:52 18 Mar 2006

ikt was not a problem at all- The guy came to see me with his camera- we coiuld see what he was going on about then.- The camera is a posh one with TWO card slots- He was looking at tghe wrong card.
All well that ends well

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