cool new mobile

  zincy 21:27 27 Apr 2007

hello there

I was just wondering if anybody heard of this website before called coolnew mobile fones?

the prices seem too good to be true?

click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:12 27 Apr 2007
  zincy 23:02 27 Apr 2007

thank you for the heads up!

  evofirst 14:51 08 Nov 2007

Hi Zincy

I just noticed your question on cool new mobile and would like to advise you against using this company. I and many other customers have been burnt by Cool New Mobile aka Mobile Affiliates who offered cashback contract deals and do not honour them.

Check out these reviews on them too:
click here

and there are many others out there telling the same story.


They are Rogue Trader!

I have a contract with them and they confirmed they are sending me the cheque(26 Sep) and when I chased them in October, they send me a letter claiming my cashback is now invalid.

I am taking them to court and so are others who were burnt by them.

PC Advisor should not allowed link to this Rogue Trader from reaping us off!


  Forum Editor 23:28 12 Nov 2007

taking up an attractive offer via a website should always check the terms and conditions attaching to the offer extremely carefully. In this case the terms and conditions relating to the phone offers are extraordinarily complex and long-winded, and contain various caveats - invalidation of cashback offers being one of them.

We can do without allegations of the company being a "Rogue Trader" until and unless this is substantiated by a reliable source. I can see nothing overtly illegal in the terms and conditions, but I'm no lawyer.

  Si_L 00:06 14 Nov 2007

Try e2save or mobile raibow, the deals on there are far better.

  Si_L 00:08 14 Nov 2007

click here

Check out this one, its completely free, with a free contract (READ T&C'S! IT IS FREE PROVIDED YOU SEND YOUR BILLS OFF IN TIME!)

I bought a similar phone from there, and so far it has cost me nothing thanks to the cashback.

  vv01 02:03 15 Nov 2007

haha, so much good phones, which make me a surprise. comparing to urs, mine is also good! ur opinions?
click here

  crosstrainer 07:25 18 Nov 2007

With the FE on this one, not inherently bad but you do get what you pay for.

Stick with a provider you know!

  Dizzy2220 13:21 27 Nov 2007

Hi just like to inform anyone that Cool new mobiles have gone into administration and no cashback deals will be honoured. Also the networks will just say hard luck keep paying us or we will take you to court

  csstu 13:18 28 Mar 2008


I came across the Cool New Mobile website that is now being run by the administrators. You can find out lots of information on this and how to register a complaint/claim.

click here

Hope this helps.

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