converting bbc iplayer clips

  jimbob61 20:48 29 Mar 2008

does anyone out there know how to convert bbc iplayer clips to another format?

  MCE2K5 20:56 29 Mar 2008

They are Encrypted.

  Monoux 10:57 30 Mar 2008

Download from BBC i player to your pc

Use Windows Movie maker to import video

Drag it to the time line

Under 3 Finish movie Select Save to my computer

Call it what you will

Press OK

Click show more settings

Select other settings

Scroll to DV-AVI

Click next and it will be saved as an AVI file at the location you chose

  jimbob61 20:27 01 Apr 2008

thanks will give it a try

  jimbob61 21:31 03 Apr 2008

have tried to import to WMM and it wont allow as it says that it is protected by drm. Anyone got any other updates to this querry.

  DippyGirl 14:08 04 Apr 2008

I dint think it was possible.
Also arent there legal implications?

  Monoux 15:04 04 Apr 2008

Sorry but when I did the above as outlined it worked

  smurfling 15:09 05 Apr 2008

Have to agree with jimbob61, have just tried it with WMM and it wont allow it.

  Monoux 17:19 05 Apr 2008

Have just checked again and realised it was a lead in short clip that WMM let me convert to AVI. Tried it just now with a 'real' program and get the DRM message and failure to import into WMM

Sorry all -- my mistake !!

  ICF 07:00 06 Apr 2008

This is said to work click here

  crazycat506 21:04 15 Jan 2009

the top one ive found is any video converter it seems to work well you can download it for free from click here

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