contacts problem with motorola G4

  rubygxx 19:03 13 Apr 2017

Hello, i have been struggling with this problem for few weeks now, getting nowhere, i noticed in my text messages the the names had changed to just numbers, not them all just some, so i went to my contacts list to edit back to the names, it went back to names, the a while later back to numbers again, eventually i manually added the contacts again, the names seemed to stay, then another set of contacts did the same !, i have tried lots of different ways to save them , also i have noticed a lot of my contacts have vanished comepletly, i have had to add the ones i could remember again, when i go to my contacts list, i have also noticed that the contacts that only show numbers in my text messages are showing a name in my contacts list but on expanding the contact there is no information, so i add it again , but it soon goes again, back to just a name with no info and just numbers in my messages, i have to keep checking through my messages to make sure i'm sending to right person, every time i get one set of contacts to behave another set go wrong, i have no idea what to do.

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