contact Orange by email??

  Seth Haniel 13:10 11 Sep 2008

seems they only do post or phone.........

spent 55mins on phone in Queue yesterday to be told that their computers were down and they couldn't help me.

I have composed what i want to say but cannot find an email address to contact them -just a postal address

  acein1 15:47 11 Sep 2008

log in to your account
help and support
general frequently asked questions
bottom of page
contact us

  Seth Haniel 08:54 12 Sep 2008

and only after you have exhausted all their unhelpfull comments - then still no email address - but an online form to fill in

acein1... Ta

  Salut 19:58 13 Sep 2008

For a while now I have written to Orange at Customer Care, PO Box 486, Rotherham. S63 5ZX, rather than use the email address as suggested. The reason being the email often responds with fatuous reference to their Technical people...

I find that if the query is not resolved, a further letter, plus copy to the local MP soon brings a more measured and useful response.

At present their is a select committee at work gathering information regarding isp failings-Orange features regularly. Have a chat to your MP it really does work!

  Seth Haniel 10:41 02 Oct 2008

sent 12/9/08 and letter sent on 19/9/08

and internet connection on phone getting worse.

Wonder if cancelling my direct debit will get tehm into action

  birdface 10:59 23 Oct 2008

[Wonder if canceling my direct debit will get them into action.]Yes probably take you to court for Non-payment.I find that if you are PASYG with them you get a second class service.What about the little phone book that you get with new phones.Nothing in there that helps I suppose.If on a contract phone you could always phone up and cancel your contract.They might listen to you then.Are you receiving a poorer signal to your phone than normal.High winds lots of rain maybe working on your nearest transmitter.Maybe go into your nearest Orange shop and they might be able to sort it out for you. Have you tried signing up in there Home page and trying to get help that way, click here

  Seth Haniel 13:34 23 Oct 2008

on contract - since 1995 - still had no reply from email sent from the orange homepage on 12/9/08 or from letter sent on 19/9/08

not a weather issue more a whether they value you as a customer

and not just a home problem - also at work and also 180 miles away from home -

and definetly not spending 55mins of my time on the phone to them waiting for a 'computers down' answer ;(

  Woolwell 17:58 23 Oct 2008

What is your mobile?

I'm away for just over a week. I'll ask if you have had a reply and if not I'll ask around as the Orange help (sic) centre is near me.

  birdface 00:33 24 Oct 2008

I always had Nokia phones when I was with orange,If Anything went wrong with the phone I used to go to their nearest Nokia repair premises and if there was anything wrong with it they would repair it while I waited.Mind you that was under the years warranty that you got with new phones.If a signal problem it would be down to orange to fix it I would think.

  Seth Haniel 08:33 24 Oct 2008

nokia 6300

  birdface 09:11 24 Oct 2008

Hi.My nearest Nokia repair center was in Huntington.25 miles from where I live.But I used to pass it when driving for work.I used to drop in there.At the reception they would open up the phone and check for any problems.If they could not fix it it was sent inside for repair and it was just a matter of waiting or else I would call back in on my return journey and collect it.Now everyone has different ideas about this but I was told as the warranty was from Nokia it was not up to orange to repair it but Nokia itself.Nokia always repaired mine.Maybe if you Google for Nokia repair center.They may have one near you.I used to get fed up with Orange all the crap text messages that they used to send and other companies phoning wanting you to renew your orange package with an updated hand set.I eventually got a hold of someone in orange and explained that I wanted no more text messages or phone calls from any of there companies.The lady on the other side was really helpful and said Ok we will take you off Advertising and off whatever else that she mentioned.What a difference especially when you are driving,No more nuisance calls or text messages.

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