Connecting VCR, DVD & Freeview to TV

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I have a TV which has 2 x scart connections, a Freeview box with 2 x scart connections, VCR with x 2 scart connections and a DVD Player with 1 x scart connection.

I currently have 3 x scart leads.

The TV is set up to access RGB, AV2 and AV3 (i am guessing that RGB has taken the place of AV1?). What i would like to know is what is the best way to set all this gear up so it can all be used fully and properly? I want to be able to record from Freeview and DVD, record Freeview whilst watching a DVD etc. All the 'normal' stuff really!

If having 4 scart cables is going to help then that isn't an issue - but i cuurently only have 3. I have looked on the net and done google searches etc but i can't find advice for my actual set up.

Any advice would be great.


  [DELETED] 14:21 14 Jan 2006

When you say you want to be able to record from dvd im not quite sure what youmean do you mean you want to be able to record dvd to video?

If so then you'll have a bit of a problem as I take it your video has one scart in in which case you'll only be able to record either from freeview or your dvd.

The way I have mine setup is. Dvd player straight to TV. Freeview box has a scart from it to the tv and one from it to the scart in on the video and then scart out from video to TV if you wish. I just have my video running through RF though, I have the aerial in to the freeview then the RF out to video and RF out from the video to TV.

When you want to record off of your freeview you need to set your video to record off of the line in source and you'll still be able to watch the normal channels while you do through the TV.

Hope that helps

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Perhaps the Connection wizard on the website may also be of assistance :

click here

  amonra 11:36 15 Jan 2006

Very useful link, thanks. I've had many many requests for "How do I hook up my ---" from friends and relations. I can now refer them to this site.

  [DELETED] 12:48 15 Jan 2006

Skills and Seashanty thanks for the help.

Useful info and link.

I also ended up finding this too which is also useful - click here


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