connecting TV to wifi

  Marko797 15:56 13 Mar 2011

Can anyone tell me what I need to do this, or if it's possible at all?

I have a Samsung LED TV which has an ethernet connection and also USB. Someone has mentioned there are certain dongles which might let me do this.

I currently burn any videos to DVD, then play them via the DVD player, but thought if the wifi connection was possible, I wouldn't need to go through the burning DVDs process.

What I'd like to be able to do is connect my downstairs TV wirelessly to my upstairs desktop pc and watch films (which are on the pc hard drive), using the wifi which is provided by my router and wifi extender (Devolo).

I hope someone can advise. Thanks,

  BRYNIT 20:27 14 Mar 2011

From what I have read the wifi or ethernet connection is only to allow web contents on you TV, it will not allow you to view videos from your computer.

  Marko797 17:59 16 Mar 2011

I'll check my TV capabilities out. Sorry for delay in coming back on this.

  QuizMan 08:36 17 Mar 2011

I bought that Samsung wifi stick for £20 less than the Amazon price in Richer Sounds (pre VAT rise).

Whilst I use it mainly for BBC iplayer and YouTube, I see no reason why you cannot stream data from a PC. Alternatively, depending on file size, you could transfer it to a USB stick and play it direct on the TV.

  QuizMan 08:39 17 Mar 2011

Just found the link for Richer Sounds.
click here

  Marko797 20:52 17 Mar 2011

thnx but I don't think vids can be played via usb, although music can...unless I'm missing something of course

  QuizMan 08:33 18 Mar 2011

Samsung LE32C650

  QuizMan 08:35 18 Mar 2011

Oops pressed send too soon - sorry. Was just giving an example of a TV where it works OK for me.

  QuizMan 08:36 18 Mar 2011

btw - it depends what you mean by "video". MP4's will run perfectly well from USB

  Marko797 19:00 18 Mar 2011

this is the model no. UE40B6000.

I can play music via USB but not watch avi or mp4, but I read somewhere that you can do a firmware update to the 7000 series and then you could play vids via the USB. Problem is I can't remember where I read that!

  QuizMan 19:38 18 Mar 2011

Firmware for various versions of your TV are here: click here

Just select whichever version you have and select the firmware tab on the next screen.

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