Connecting Telly/Sky Box/DVD Recorder

  wodka 21:12 29 May 2006

I have a television, Sky Box & a DVD Recorder - how do i connect all three, they have the following connections:-
Telly - 1 scart & 1 aerial
Sky Box - TV Scart, VCR Scart, RF Out 2, RT Out 1, Aerial & Dish Input/
DVD - Antenna In, TV Out, Ext 1 to TV, Ext 2 Aux.
I have tried various ways but the DVD doesn't seem to find any channels - please help!

  De Marcus™ 22:48 30 May 2006

I would personally connect as follows:

Aerial from the wall socket to Sky Box in, Skybox RF out to DVD RF IN, DVD RF OUT to TV RF in, essentially daisy chained, that way each device gets an RF signal (you may need a signal booster).

Scart wise:

Skybox TV Scart to DVD Ext 2 Aux, then DVD Ext 1 to TV scart.

I think thats right!

  Monoux 08:29 31 May 2006
  ^wave^ 09:47 31 May 2006

my connections are rf from wall to sky then to dvd/vcr then to tv
scart goes from sky to tv and 2nd sky scart to dvd/vcr

  dms05 08:51 02 Jun 2006

Remember DVD RF is only a loop through to other equipment and doesn't carry any DVD produced signal.

  johnnyrocker 09:56 27 Jun 2006

except in the case of dvd recorder


  rodriguez 14:35 27 Jun 2006

This is how I would set it up:

Sky box TV Scart is unused as your TV only has one Scart socket

Sky box RF Out-1 => TV aerial socket

Sky box RF Out-2 is unused unless you plan to plug the box into a second TV

Sky box VCR Scart => DVD Ext 2

Aerial from wall => DVD recorder aerial in

DVD recorder RF Out => Sky box aerial in

DVD recorder TV Scart => TV Scart socket

The reason you don't plug the Sky box RF out into the DVD recorder is because it can cause interferance with the analogue channels coming through the aerial, so they should be kept apart. If you want to change the output channel on the Sky box to stop interferance, press Services, 4, 0, 1, Select and when the Installer Menu comes up, press RF Outlets and change the output number to one away from your analogue TV channels.

As long as you've got the aerial from the wall plugged into the DVD recorder's aerial in socket it should find channels. Just make sure you've set the country on your recorder as UK to make sure it looks for a PAL-I signal instead of PAL-B/G or SECAM which is what other European countries use.

  Jega 09:52 01 Jul 2006


ok ive been looking at these two aerials for my digital freeview tv.

which would you go for, and can you recommend any more? ... thanks!

click here

click here

  User-1316415 11:48 16 Dec 2008

Im sure there are some of you clever ones out there who know what to do.first i live in spain,the aerial on the building where i live is a digital one and the new telly i have has a built in tuner,everything works fine except when i try to record from local channels it does record but if i switch off the tv while recording it only records blank,but when i record from sky no problems,i think the scarts are ok -one from the dvd to the tv,and another from the dvd to the sky box,and finally one from the sky to the tv,the antenna from the wall socket ive put to the dvd,and another from the dvd to the tv aerial connection,with a double adaptor i have a cable from there to the sky .does anybody know why the recordings come blank when i turn off the tv. thnkyou

  FatboySlim71 08:48 20 Dec 2008

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