Connecting Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV using MHL Adaptor

  geek84 20:02 09 Nov 2014

Hi Folks I am trying to connect my phone to my TV using a MHL adaptor, which on the packaging says, it enables an S3 phone to be connected to the TV. I have tried to use this to connect my S4 phone but the TV screen just displays the message ‘No Video Available.’ I was under the impression that the MHL adaptor can also be used for my S4 phone. Could someone suggest home I can rectify the problem? Thanks in advance for your responses.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:53 10 Nov 2014

MHL cable adaptor to phone

HMDI cable from MHL adaptor to TV

set TV to correct HDMI input (if more than one HDMI port on TV)

Power up phone

Phone screen should now appear on TV.

If not then check:

connected to correct port on TV - TV set to correct port

phone switched on and not on screen saver

try another HDMI cable (bad HDMI cable)

Bad MHL cable adaptor

  geek84 20:04 22 Nov 2014

Hi Fruit Bat

Thanks for your response.

I tried out all the steps you mentioned but the phone screen does not appear on the TV. I bought the MHL adaptor from a reputable retailer (Maplins). Do you think there is something wrong with my TV?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:00 27 Nov 2014

I would take to back to Maplins first I'm sure they would test it out with your phone in the shop.

  Gordon Freeman 10:40 30 Nov 2014

I remember having one of these for my S3 (in fact it's still in the garage) but the connection went something like: Samsung charging plug into mains skt>charging lead from charging plug into MHL adapter>HDMI lead from MHL to HDMI connector on TV.

Not sure about this but, wasn't there an app that you needed to have on yr phone in order to display on TV, or you needed to go to settings or something in the phone (Screen Mirroring maybe)?

I found the better way of connecting the S3 to the TV was via a clever little Samsung gizmo (AllShareCast dongle) which allowed you to connect wirelessly.

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