Connecting a Laptop to a TV?

  sunny17 20:52 22 Dec 2011

Hi, I have a spare large(44'') sony rear projection tv and am trying to connect it to my laptop (Compaq 610) What i have done is connected my laptop via VGA to a component video using this Cable Then connected the component video to this scart adapter unfortunately it doesn't work, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  sunny17 20:54 22 Dec 2011

Forgot to add i'm on windows 7 OS

  mole44 03:46 23 Dec 2011

Never tried it myself as i don't have a laptop ,but if you have an HDMI port on the laptop try that or even usb port.

  natdoor 11:42 23 Dec 2011

The VGA cable is producing component video click here. Scart does not inherently support component video but does support RGB and composite video. In order to be able to use component with Scart, the RGB interface connections are used but displaying equipment needs to have the non-standard processing facility. Some TVs will have the facility and it is usually selected via the menu. If your TV does not have this for Scart, are there any other inputs which may be used?

  sunny17 14:02 23 Dec 2011

It has composite video and s-video. Thanks for the replys i think i will get one of these

  dms_05 14:02 23 Dec 2011

What connectors are available on the back of your TV?

I connect my netbook to my Sony 40" LCD with a high quality VGA cable (as I'm displaying at 1920*108 resolution) as both have standard VGA connections. Low quality VGA cables won't handle the high resolution bandwidth, they reduce the display resolution dramatically.

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