Connecting DVD Recorder and VCR to LCD TV

  Bapou 20:47 27 Nov 2008

I'm in a bit of a quandary. At present I have a Hitachi VCR and a basic Sony DVD Recorder connected to a Sony Bravia LCD (37"). Both were connected by engineer on installing TV when new as part of the deal and only record analogue.

I've bought a new Sony DVD Recorder with built in Freeview, 160gb HDD plus an HDMI cable and will be connecting the lesser model to another TV with an existing set top box. No problem there.

Buying the new recorder and cable at a Sony shop, the salesman kindly wrote me an idiot's guide to installing with HDMI saying no need for scart cables and the Sony manual always reads like rocket science anyway to me.

However, I forgot to ask about how the set up relates to the the VCR as my wife wishes this to stay. Do I need scart to DVD recorder with HDMI cable after all? Do I connect main aerial lead into VCR or DVD first as at present or vice versa?

Sorry if this appears a real daft one but I'm flummoxed as to starting off and certainly don't wish to pay a £50 setup fee if I can help it.

Any help appreciated.

  natdoor 22:18 27 Nov 2008

I assume that your DVD recorder has RF loop through (RF in and RF out coax connectors) but no RF modulated output of a digital channel. The VCR will also have RF loop through so it should not matter which the antenna is plugged into as long as the RF out is connected to RF in of the second in line. The DVD would be connected to TV by HDMI and the VCR by Scart or component video. If you wish to record a digital channel on the VCR for any reason, you will need a Scart from the DVD recorder to the VCR.

  Bapou 22:43 27 Nov 2008

Thanks for responding, I think I got the gist of what you are advising.

As far as the VCR is concerned, this is used mostly for playback of terrestrial channel programmes recorded on another VCR connected elsewhere. My wife is so far behind with her favourite programmes, it's unbelieveable. The VCR in question is occasionly used for recording when ITV or C4's programme timings clash. She knows enough about VCR but DVD recording, now that's another story.

  natdoor 10:14 28 Nov 2008

I think that you will find in due course that DVD recording/playback is easier than VCR recording.

  john bunyan 16:31 28 Nov 2008

Bapou. If you want to transfer VCR recordings to DVD, use natdoor's route but you need a VCR with 2 Scarts, one to TV and one to input of DVD recorder and you record to its hard drive ( usually shows "external source") then burn a disc.

  Bapou 17:23 28 Nov 2008

I had never considered transferring VCR recordings to DVD, thanks for the suggstion though.

Would much rather be rid of it really but my wife wants it to stay. Can't argue with that.

  Bapou 13:12 30 Nov 2008

Job done, turned out to be far less of a bother than imagined. Salesman's idiot guide on HDMI lead connection and on screen settings worked fine. Connection for VCR left as it was so my wife will have no further worrries.

Thanks for the help

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